Weapon of Mass Instruction

Here’s a great idea for an art car that could be used in the real world to spread the mission of The Burning Man Project. I think it would be more effective than panel discussions preaching to the converted. They could even hand out their “death of god” book club material they’re so fond of.

From BoredPanda:

Raul Lemesoff, an eccentric artist in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has created a bizarre tank-like ‘Weapon Of Mass Instruction’ (Arma de Instruccion Masiva) that he intends to use to battle ignorance and spread knowledge.

Lemesoff converted a 1979 Ford Falcon into a bizarre tank-like vehicle complete with a swiveling turret, a non-functioning gun, and space to store about 900 books – inside and outside of the vehicle.
A video about the project made by 7Up shows him driving through the streets of Buenos Aires and delivering books to young and old alike. His only demand – that they promise to read what he’s given them. “My missions are very dangerous,” the artist jokes in a video about his project. “I attack people in a very nice and fun way.“

kid faces book tank book tank facetank handing book on streetbook tank night

Images: Bored Panda

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