Well Deserved

WellDeserved.Me, the latest San Francisco startup, has found a way to monetize the unmonetizable. Sign up now for the beta.

This video made me think of AirBnB listings at Burning Man.

Screenshot 2015-03-13 01.20.08


It’s sort of like what Mass Mosaic, Burners with a world-changing idea to create abundance, are doing in real life: Gifting to Create a World of Plenty.

There’s more SF humor in the Broke-Ass Stuart story Things That Only Happen in San Francisco.


6 comments on “Well Deserved

  1. It only implies that they cannot afford the “BM” rents, which is prejudiced, but not racist. Could have as easily said, “Rent is still cheap but all the hippies have been priced out.” Or, “Rent is still cheap but all the students have been priced out.” But blacks do not attend the NV burn as often as their general demographic might suggest they might, so it is a vaid parallel as posed.

    • It’s not racist to make a statement about race demographics. Black people have been priced out of Oakland. It’s funny to me that Burners (and the like) are trying to keep Oakland one the down-low, so as to not have the yuppies move in from SF.

      Whereas about 15 years ago, the artists who moved there out of desperation after being priced out of SF were trying to keep Oakland on the down-low from the Burners (and the like). All the while, black people of Oakland were being slowly forced out, so now we have huge numbers that are displaced.

      But it’s racist to even mention that.

  2. cire, how is “all the black people have been priced out” racist? (Following your precident, please post your reply comment above.)

  3. Barterman, “black people have been priced out” what a racist statement you make, may I remind you, trash comes in all colors – even yours!

  4. San Francisco isn’t really relevant anymore. Everyone who is anyone has moved to Oakland. I recommend that everyone in SF who is feeling the squeeze should move to Oakland. It’s awesome there. It’s like BM in the 90s. Rent is still cheap but all the black people have been priced out.

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