Here’s How To Make Your Own Dreamscope A.I. Images

ai burn 5

The famous movie Blade Runner is based on Philip K Dick’s story Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? Recently Google, makers of Android and robots, have been blowing up the Interwebz with their Artificial Intelligence that they taught to dream.

Now you too can use this capability. Click here to use the Dreamscope app. Big thanks to Adam for sharing this.

Put any image you want in, and choose an effect:

Screenshot 2015-07-16 11.50.30

Here are some Burner images already generated. Please share your own in the comments.



embrace burn deep dream larry embrace burn deep dream alexey dreamscopeai burn 6ai burn 4ai burn 3ai burn2ai burnel pulpo aimugwump frontmugwump ai



6 comments on “Here’s How To Make Your Own Dreamscope A.I. Images

  1. Some of the filters are so obviously inspired by DMT trips. The Machine Elves one is a direct Terrence McKenna quote about DMT, I believe. And one of the filters is named Salvia. Ha. Please write a 5000 word post on how Burning Man is responsible for this. 🙂

    • This is from Google, not BMOrg.

      It is quite clear to me how Google, Burning Man, McKenna, drugs, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are all connected together. Unfortunately it’s gonna take a lot more than 5000 words to explain that. Especially to create something that will entertain the fans and at the same time attempt to appease both the skeptics, who pedantically want every detail and then dispute them all without any evidence of their own, and the TL;DR crowd, who want bullet points and high level overview only.

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