2015 Which Famous Assholes Are Going To Burning Man?

Last year Joe Kokura over at BrokeAssStuart published an amusing list of potential celebrity Burners. Well, he’s updated it with a 2015 version:




Who are the rich and famous a**holes you’ll see turnt up at the turnkey camps of Burning Man 2015?  Based on their public comments, social media posts and history of going to Burning Man every year because they can afford to, we’ve updated last year’s Which Famous Assholes are Going to Burning Man list to determine which famous assholes will be arriving in private jets to plug-and-play at the the Burning Man 2015 festival.

Realize there is no way to say definitively say whether a person is going to Burning Man almost four weeks out from the event. Health issues, spontaneous weddings or unplanned life events can come at you fast and alter your calendar no matter your socioeconomic status. Perfectly good Burners have to cancel their Burning Man plans every year, and this is even truer for wealthy asshole Burners.. But from what can we can tell from public remarks and social media shit-talking, these are the richest, most famous assholes going to Burning Man 2015.

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9 comments on “2015 Which Famous Assholes Are Going To Burning Man?

  1. I wouldn’t call Rosario an asshole for going, she’s been on the Playa for many years now, and keeps coming back. I’d say she’s a legit burner in my book.

  2. “We see [Norquist] at the wealthy-inheritee asshole convention called the Aspen Ideas Festival which should have been called the Asshole Ideas Festival.”

    “They don’t have time to build their own cupcake muffin cars because they’re busy and they generally have more important things to do.”

    Yup, not your father’s Burning Man. Since these and others only started coming once the tickets sold out, pretty much makes them followers. Yeah, a BRC full of followers. Glad the rest of us will have a break for a week.

  3. Meh. All the best assholes don’t go anymore. But I heard Regis is going again this year, as well has Carrie Fisher.

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