2016 Crime Scorecard: New Record for Arrests, Attempted Murder


Image: Buzzfeed

Image: Buzzfeed

Jenny Kane at the Reno Gazette-Journal brings us news of this year’s arrests by the Pershing County Sheriff’s office.

The highlights:

  • 46 arrests (up 12.2% from 41 last year) – this is 6 times the number of arrests in 2014
  • 37 drug-related – marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and acid (in that order)
  • 1 attempted murder (second degree)
  • 1 battery with a deadly weapon

Yes, yes, I know…there are no weapons at Burning Man.


This is the highest number of arrests ever at Burning Man. Two thirds of those arrested were Californians. International Burners from Spain, Italy, and Mexico were locked up.

Some of the drug arrests were for possession, some were for trafficking.  No information has been released on how many citations for drug possession were issued in lieu of arrests; last year there were more than 600.

Jenny’s report gave credence to the theory I’ve been hearing privately from some various sources, that the White Ocean sabotage attack was a hoax. Nobody ever released any photos, and now we find out that there was not actually a police report filed as White Ocean had claimed.

Without an official report, which the camp leads never made, Allen could not investigate the criminal ransacking.

“It is important to remember that there must be a victim or an outcry from someone for us to initiate an investigation into possible criminal activity, otherwise it would be considered an unlawful or unconstitutional intrusion by an agent of the government,” Allen said.

Here’s the original White Ocean post:

Screenshot 2016-09-02 14.25.33

There was a report on Facebook that a grown man was caught trying to kidnap a 10 year-old girl boy.


The Sheriff did not mention that, and did not answer questions about the other False Amber Alert that Imprisoned Thousands:

Neither the sheriffs nor the BLM had anything to say about the three-hour shutdown of the only road out of Black Rock City when a 17-year-old girl went missing during exodus. Exodus is the peak exit period of Burners at the end of the week of Burning Man. Officials located the girl safe within the city perimeter.

The BLM did not make any arrests last year, and won’t say if they did this year.

Read the full story at the RGJ

The cops were a lot more relaxed back in 2014

The cops were a lot more relaxed back in 2014 (in the Distrikt DJ booth)


30 comments on “2016 Crime Scorecard: New Record for Arrests, Attempted Murder

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  2. To put all this in perspective, the 3-day Halloween celebration in Isla Vista in 2010 drew 27000 people, of whom 252 were arrested, and 46 people went to the hospital. It’s not unusual to have at least one death.

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  5. “to take our report” != filed a police report – Yes, I could see how people might mis-read that. And most people might assume that that was the case, but nothing *actually* said, “We filed a police report”. Cops might’ve looked around, and said, “Who wants to take responsibility and file on this?” and gotten no takers, as time spent doing that is costly, especially for billionaires, and/or they didn’t want the cops nosing around their camp (drugs?).

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  7. 46 arrest.. although a high number, I guarantee you that if you had 70,000 people encamped within a 7 square mile area for a week elsewhere, there would be kaos and mayhem within 3 days and far more arrest.

    Obviously 37 arrest were due to carelessness, the 38th & the 39th arrest were due to extreme stupidity, and or kray-kray… Who knows what the other 7 arrest were for, as we were not informed..hmm, wonder why?

    Let’s make 2017a zero arrest year!

    • Is it a contest? I love contests! I presume this is like golf – the lower the better. So far, no arrests at the burns I have been to this year. I think I win so far.

      I did not run out of people to interact with or fun to have, though in doing so I am not counting as large a sample as all the people the Borg invited/comped to Burnt Man. How do you propose to account for all the people we don’t experience but are in the sample? Tomorrow night is in Brooklyn for me. Do I have to count everyone in the precinct, borough, or the city? You have to admit that 6 hours x 10 million (60 million person-hours) is quite a sample even compared to 200 hours x 70,000 (14 million person-hours). What metric should be use, person-hours per arrest?


      • Start with your neighborhood first to get a base line sample. Then work your way thru the precinct before moving into the borough, and into the city. Please drink lots of watermprior to sampling. When do you think you might have this information available? I do have to go to work Monday morning, and I would like to brag about your statistics…

  8. When they said the vandals used glue, I knew the White Ocean story was BS. They get points for cleverly attracting global media coverage, though.

    If you must do drugs at BM, camp close to infrastructure camps at around 5 O’clock. I had a campmate who wouldn’t stop smoking pot in camp and leaving his pipe around. He knew better than I did that the cops assume you’re with the Org around this area and wouldn’t notice you snorting a full gram of coke while jerking off to child porn projected on the side of your uHaul. It’s like being in a vortex of invisibility there.

  9. There was a guy at a big camp across from us that threw hot (bacon?) oil on someone and also threw a heavy item at someone in a tent. Not sure if that is what any of these are but I heard he was taken away after many people were trying to calm his crazy ass down.

    • Complete this sentence.

      “Sheriffs came to our camp along with rangers to take our report…but we didn’t give them one because were all busy doing ________________________ ”

      Maybe they couldn’t find a lawyer… or a photographer

      Either that, or Homeland Security took over the investigation due to the “T” word…

    • The gender assigned to them at birth may be different from what they choose to identify with at Burning Man. They could be Male, Female, or “Both/Neither/Fluid”…as per the 2016 Black Rock Census. Post coming soon.

      • Absent a police report, how do we know that the “kidnapper” was not just trying to caputre his conflicted inner child?

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