Standing Rock Coming to Black Rock

It seems the Burning Man Project outreach to Standing Rock last year may have paid off, with some radical names in the Social Justice scene headed to the Playa this year. No wonder they had a big talk at the Leadership Conference about Mixing Politics With Burning Man.

Will they be bringing their Burner-incubated composting toilets with them?

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“Dear White People, Standing Rock Is Not Burning Man”

From Black Rock To Standing Rock (BJ)

Red Lightning Brings Standing Rock Prayer to Black Rock City

When: Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 6:30 PM

Where: Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA at the location of 8:15 on Esplanade

B-Roll: Create a space for the Standing Rock spirit and leadership to be present at Burning Man. Amplify the voices and messages of indigenous wisdom keepers and tribal members. Create and stream the world’s largest global synchronized drumming prayer circle through the Unify platform.

CONTACTS: Joshua Tree; (310) 498 4886;

The Great Sioux Nations have a long and deep-rooted history. Recent chapters at Standing Rock represent a continued unfolding of prophecy under the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations, inviting us to listen deeper to traditional indigenous wisdom. This past year a small encampment of peaceful water protectors blossomed into an unprecedented gathering of indigenous tribes and allies when people from all over the world united in solidarity to protect tribal sovereignty, Sacred Water, Land, and Mother Earth. Standing with Standing Rock has become a peaceful battle cry – A prayer for Mni Wiconi: Water is Sacred, Water Is Life, igniting a powerful global stand uniting Indigenous Nations and all people. This historic movement is reminding us, with clarity, of the necessity of protecting pristine environments and traditional homelands for future generations.

THE POWER OF PRAYER creates a sacred space for the Standing Rock spirit to be present at Burning Man. We are inviting the global movement to the temporary metropolis of Black Rock City, created by more than 70,000 people who come together to reach a peak human experience. The intention of the project is to amplify the voices and messages of wisdom keepers and tribal members from across Turtle Island. Our intention is to listen to their teachings and stories, to connect with each other through song and the beat of the drum, dance and celebrate what brings us together as human beings. At the heart of the vision is our commitment to support cultural restoration and the provision of grants to create cultural artifacts, including teepees, traditional seating, and drums, since if doesn’t matter if you know to play them, a beginners drum lessons can fix that. We wish to encourage creative tribal participation on many levels and facilitate a space for First Nations representatives. THE POWER OF PRAYER shares tribal wisdom not just in the Burning Man community, but in all of participating society, and the world at large.

“I am thrilled to be joining Red Lighting Camp at Burning Man this year. Our movement that began at Standing Rock to preserve water and protect the environment has become a fight to protect freedom. We will only succeed in growing awareness and making our stand effective when we form bonds with communities who share our values. Burning Man is an experiment in progressive living — a space where people give rather than sell, where human potential is explored rather than disregarded. I look forward to bringing the values of the water protector movement to Black Rock, alongside my co-counsel at the Lakota People’s Law Project, Daniel Sheehan”.

—Chase Iron Eyes

On Tuesday, August 29th at 6:30 PM at 8:15 and Esplanade, we will gather in a drum circle around sacred fire, where tribal beats will amplify across Burning Man’s best sound-system through the well-known art car Mayan Warrior, joining us all the way from Mexico City. The drumming prayer circle will be streamed out over synchronized prayer platform Unify, who has a reach of over 16 million people. At 7:00 PM, we will come into prayer led by wisdom keepers.

Our community, Red Lightning, a Burning Man camp, had the honor of serving with a presence at Standing Rock in the main encampment, Oceti Sakowin (7 Council Fire) from September 2016 until the camps were evicted in February 2017. We lent support through solar power, wind power and dome offerings, where community met in leadership council, women’s circles, decolonization meetings, reconciliation workshops, cultural celebrations and prayer gatherings. We also assisted with camp clean-up efforts upon eviction.

We’re searching for words to share Red Lightning’s journey from Black Rock to Standing Rock, as the experience has left us asking – who are we and what are we going to do in the time of prophecy? How can we listen deeper, and actually hear what is being communicated?

The Medicine Wheel is present within many tribes across the American continent from North to South, East and West, connecting what is known as Turtle Island. There are many tribal perspectives on the Medicine Wheel: for many it represents the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things within the circle of life and the unification of all tribes. The Medicine Wheel also represents the four directions, the cosmos, the water, the air, the earth, the forests, the mountains and fire, all living things and all of the world’s people, including the two-legged, the four-legged, the flyers, and the swimmers. Indigenous wisdom considers all living beings related as brothers and sisters.

It is said that the prophecy of peace will not come on the Earth until the circle of humanity is complete; until all four colors sit in the circle and share their teachings.
We’re searching for words to share Red Lightning’s journey from Black Rock to Standing Rock, as the experience has left us asking – who are we and what are we going to do in the time of prophecy? How can we listen deeper, and actually hear what is being communicated?

THE POWER OF PRAYER was born from a direct request by the 7 Council Fire leadership to carry the prayers of Oceti Sakowin in our spirits to the places we came from, and to connect with First Nations near our communities who are facing similar challenges. It was this heartfelt request that ignited and gave birth to THE POWER OF PRAYER vision, as we seek to carry forward the prayers of Oceti Sakowin, along with deep reverence for Mother Earth.

We invite the world to join us in person at Burning Man, or to create and participate in a local prayer drum circle, where we share a single moment of focused intention. Together, we pray for good health and better understanding and for functional medicine to help us. We pray for deep listening. We pray for unity, peace, and love. We pray for Mother Earth.

For more information on the ‘Power of Prayer’ visit:

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  5. Thank you, Red Lightning and crew for your CONTINUED contributions and utilization of privileges to create spaces of TRUE RADICAL INCLUSION and Civic Responsibility. Way to be the change.

    Still Standing With Standing Rock

    Just a little radical self-expression for those burn bible thumpers.

  6. Oh Jesus. More cultural appropriation touchy feely hippie bullshit. Do the Instagram girls get a free pass to wear their head dresses?

    • Thanks for your concern and I’m with you, I have allergic reactions to cultural appropriation myself… personally I welcome decolonization conversations and I’m not planning to wear inappropriate headdresses (never have)… 5 months of Standing Rock have been an immersive experience along with plenty of years of awareness around Indigenous peoples rights and environmental issues that are not news to me… I feel beyond honored and excited to welcome our Standing Rock connections on playa and wish we could open to many more… quite frankly, I rather camp with them and the people that feel the same than anyone I’ve met at Burning Man in many years… super thrilled… hope you get to meet our friends…

    • I might be reading this wrong but this event seems to be being attended by the Standing Rock leaders, wisdom keepers etc. and is creating a space to to share and amplify their work. If First Nations leaders want to come and share their work with us, and are asking for amplification/space/participation, I don’t think it counts as cultural appropriation, in fact it seems like the opposite.

  7. I think this is awesome and wonderful! This one “appointment’ at Burning Man that I will joyfully make. 8/29 6:30pm @ 8:15 and Esplanade

    • Yeah. That’s the way Burnt Man works. You fill up your schedule with specific appointments so you won’t miss any events. After all, events are why you go. (I wonder if there will be a traffic jam. Those are always a problem at Burnt Man.)

      • Actually, in 13 continuous years of participation at Burning Man, I have probably attended less that a hand full of events, and those where happenings that I learned about in the “What, Where, When” at the time. This though…This is special!
        I’ve already put it in my calendar. I am very eager to participate in this event!
        As far as “traffic jams” go, lol, ya they suck in the heat- but I try to think of them as opportunities to meet new people, watch the people, or create new swear word combinations. Lol, that’s just me though!

        • I am sorry that you see this as an event-driven experience. I would rather sit and chat with two Sanding Rock people than attend any planned event.

          • Really!? Please don’t feel sorry. Did you do the math…? 13 years, 3, maybe 4 “events”! I don’t think that is deserving of your sorrow..So every 4.5 years I decide to go to a Lucid Dream workshop, or a Healing Breath workshop and you consider me an “event-driven” individual? I think I enjoy some events, and most people, and take a pretty chill attitude toward what ever I do. As far as speaking with them personally, I would love to sit and visit with a SR attendee also ….perhaps I will – When I attend the Drum Circle and Sacred Fire “event” on 8/29 at 6:30pm @ 8:15 and Esplanade 😉

  8. Any idea what this camp paid for tickets? How many DS tix did they get? Were any comped or low-income for the Native Americans? Was anyone paid to be there? Did they get a vendor license?

    If this is Burning Man and not Burnt Man, the camp and participants all got tix in the general sale, and are paying their own way, with no special favors. The camp and activities are their giving to the community.

    • Sound like Red Lightning is a solid participatory camp and probably got tickets through the directed ticket sale. Because they contribute rather than bitch.

      • So, only the DS tix camps are expected to be participatory. Interesting. Explains why my camp is not there.

    • We paid normal ticket fees, none comped or low-income
      and even though many would qualify, including myself… We have received some directed group sale tickets and we are still short of tickets for many of our build crew, scrambling like everyone else… If anyone has any for sale – please contact me, Many Thanks, Simone

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