Pull Out Your TAP

A guest post from Onelove.

What do when you’ve spent 5 hours in the desert sun building a home dome only to discover that your camp mate forgot to bring the skin? Or you lost your hot date on Burn Night and you can’t find your friends anywhere? Or you just get a case of those dusty blues that creep in the morning after you’ve one (or ten) cocktails too many?

Easy, you just pull out your TAP and voila! No mas saddo. Wait, what’s a Tap? Tapping (aka EFT) is a technique you can use to relax your heart and mind in any situation, and master EFT teacher and veteran burner Sonya Sophia created this Tap just for us. Watch it now so you have a Tap ready to whip out at a moment’s notice when the rubber hits the dust. Or when the shit hits the Man. Or…you get it.

Over the last 10 years, Sonya Sophia has shared the gift of tapping with more than 20,000 Burners in workshops on the playa. This year, you can find her Tues-Sat 2-4pm at Red Lightning (8:15 & Esplanade). She is the founder of the Sophia School of Living Arts and the host of the weekly interactive online healing event the World Tapping Circle.

Take this technique with you and you may indeed find yourself floating high in the dusty twilight—clear head, light heart, and ready for ANYTHING the playa could possibly bring.

4 comments on “Pull Out Your TAP

  1. There’s really nothing better to lift your spirits at Burning Man than hooking up with an 18 year old hottie who ditched her parents… I know, the Amber Alert thing is going to bum a few thousand people out, but when you’re throwing back the Jack after smelling your fingers and then light up a fatty, all the bad things don’t seem to matter very much.

  2. I tapped with Sonya Sophia on the playa in 2010 & it was LIFE CHANGING. Not only did it help me through my first experience of Burning Man, but i got free of SO MUCH negative beliefs & emotions i’d been carrying around my whole life. Sonya Sophia is a burning man angel. Write down that address & time & GO FIND HER. You’ll be so glad you did!

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