CryptoBeast #7 – Nanotechnology, Liquid Robotics, Augmented Reality and Factory 4.0

Remember when Burning Man was all about the Maker Movement? In 2016 the theme was Da Vinci’s Workshop, and Minister of Propaganda Will Chase left to do PR for Maker Faire. This year they have returned to the latest Silicon Valley buzzwords with I, Robot.

3DToken (3DT) is an upcoming ICO in the nanotech and robotics space. Their vision is “Factory 4.0”, transforming the entire economy with Just-In-Time, made to order manufacturing near the point of sale instead of making stuff in factories in China then shipping and trucking it around the world. Their 3D printers can use environmentally friendly, recycled materials. CryptoBeast interviews Politronica and 3D Token CEO Alessandro Chiolerio.


Full Interview:

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  1. I was born in Belize, Central-America & Live in Chicago, Illinois but I do not know Why You have The Burning-Man Festival in Desert of Nevada’s compared to Downtown Area of Las-Vegas City?_. Why Are The Authorities Stopping You in Having The Festival in The City?_.

    Help Me to Understand The History of Burning-Man Festival & Why Is It held in The Desert compared to The City Area of Las-Vegas City?_.

    What’s The Ticket-Price for The Burning-Man Festival in Las-Vegas City & How Days is The Festival?_.

    • It is held on a US Navy bombing range, close to an Electronic Warfare range. It is a staging ground for Pentagon DARPA projects, as well as a culturally reshaping recruiting tool for Silicon Valley and the military/industrial complex. It is owned by the Federal Government and infiltrated with agents from many different alphabet agencies. I explain that more here:

      The Further Future Festival is a spinoff of Burning Man “mutant vehicle” Robot Heart, a mobile sound installation. Burning Man said “if you don’t like it, start your own” to anyone who questioned where the money was going, so the people behind Robot Heart started Further Future. 2 of these festivals were held a short helicopter or limo ride from Las Vegas. They took a break last year, just as Burning Man are taking a break this year from their Global Leadership Conference. One of the owners of the Robot Heart Art Car also owns Academi, which is the current name for Blackwater, the largest mercenary group in the world.

      Since Further Future have not updated their Facebook page since 2016, I would say it is unlikely to return this year.

      There are much bigger festivals in Las Vegas like Electric Daisy Carnival.

    • BTW, I have been to Belize a few times as a tourist. Dove the Great Blue Hole. Visited Lamanai. Saw the cultural segregation in the beach bars. Though I prefer the waters in Belize, I prefer the common culture in Costa Rica.

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