Redpill78 – Comfy Sunday with M3thods and White Hat

Thanks very much to Redpill78 and his team for having me on their Sunday show. We talked about Corona Virus, Australian fires, Isaac Kappy, President Trump, #QAnon and more.

We had 5000 people watching live, thanks to everyone who tuned in! I am there for the second hour.

Steve Outtrim #IsaacKappy Interview on Out of The Gate

Really enjoyed this interview with Out Of The Gate, and they did a great job with the editing here. Please like and sub to their channel.

We’ve been investigating Hollywood whistleblower #IsaacKappy’s death here:

Part 1 – The Mysterious Sudden Death of Isaac Kappy

Part 2

Part 3

Stay tuned for Part 4 coming soon – Robert_QSentme has Kappy’s document dump and the password for decoding it. After it has been vetted to have no illegal/malicious content we will post as much of the information as possible here.