CryptoBeast #12 – The Time We Stole the Internet from South America

Stafford Beer is one of my heroes, someone whose thinking I followed in my own companies. I look at the role he played in creating the Cybernet, which connected the entire Chilean economy and society to a Star Trek-like bridge in the Presidential Palace. The Cybernet disappeared after Allende died in a CIA-backed coup in 1973.

Original videos used in this episode:

1. On Cybernetics – Stafford Beer…

2. Free As In Beer: Cybernetic Science Fictions – By Jeremiah B.C. Axelrod and Greg Borenstein from

3. The Time When A Single Computer Ran an Entire Country, Truthstream Media…

4. Pegasus Computer – British Science Museum…


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One comment on “CryptoBeast #12 – The Time We Stole the Internet from South America

  1. #Gematria is the ancient practice of turning letters into numbers so you can attain the sum of the numbers of a word’s letters and hence a numerical value of that word. This allows you to detect alignment/patterns/synchronicities between various words/things/events/people/places/times.

    There are various methods of representing letters by converting them into numbers and those methods are called “ciphers” (listed in brackets below.)

    Here we see another direct hit/resonance.

    Why am I not surprised?:

    “Stafford Beer” = 51 (Chaldean) & 160 (LCH Kabbalah)
    “Steve Outtrim” = 51 (Chaldean) & 160 (LCH Kabbalah)

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