2018 Crime Scorecard: 43 Arrests

The Reno Gazette-Journal reports crime was about the same as last year (according to the Sheriff), or 26% less (according to the math). There were 2 arrests for domestic battery and 2 DUIs.

Sheriff Allen’s arrests at the event don’t include the unprecedented crackdown in tribal territory in the days leading up to the event.

Pershing County Sheriff Jerry Allen said the 43 arrests at Burning Man this year is on par with previous years.

Allen said arrests will continue despite the official end of event on Monday.  Last year, the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office arrested 58 people at Burning Man. Most were on charges of drug possession and trafficking of drugs…The majority of the arrests so far this year are also for drug possession and trafficking.

Of the 43, the sheriff’s office arrested two people for driving while under the influence at Burning Man and two for domestic battery. He said several involved obstruction of a public officer.

“People are still leaving the playa and recovering from a week of partying,” Allen said about the likelihood of more arrests into the coming week. “They are trying to orient themselves and coming to terms with reality.”

[Source: RGJ.com]

Jumping in the pool at the Grand Sierra is a great way to reorient and come to terms with reality.



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  1. Meanwhile on the way to burning man countless festival goers are pulled over for going 28mph in a 25mph zone (on the downhill stretch) AND DOG SEARCHED FOR IT. Oh, your bike rack is slightly covering your license plate? PULLED OVER AND DOG SEARCHED. You have a taillight that is out? A fix it ticket? NO, PULLED OVER AND DOG SEARCHED. We have a right to travel without this harassment. The cops are abusing their limited authority in and around Burning Man.

    9/9/2018 12:30 AM PDT
    Burning Man Founder’s Son Busted for Shrooms at Burning Man
    Talk about a bad trip … the son of the man who created the Burning Man Festival got busted for shrooms at freakin’ Burning Man.
    The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada tells TMZ … Tristan Harvey — the son of Larry Harvey, who founded Burning Man in 1986 and died in April at 70 — was driving with 2 friends last week into the festival when they were pulled over for not having a rear license plate.
    We’re told a police dog sniffed the car, honed in, and cops found Tristan was in possession of a mushroom. He was cited for possession of an illegal substance and driving with a suspended license. He was not arrested and told to go on his merry way, sans mushies.
    His friend, a female passenger, also had a shroom, and she also was cited and released. Tristan’s other friend wasn’t so lucky. He was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, but cops aren’t saying what they found.
    Cops tell us over 70k attended the week-long event. They arrested 44 and cited 53.
    PSA — yes, shrooms are illegal at Burning Man.

  3. Knife-wielding man arrested on suspicion of stealing car from woman leaving Burning Man
    by News 4 & Fox 11 Digital Team
    Wednesday, September 5th 2018

    Tiago Steven Gomez
    RENO, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) — Washoe County Sheriff’s Office deputies, assisted by a K9 team, captured a suspect wanted for the armed carjacking of a woman who was leaving the Burning Man event on Tuesday, Sept. 4.
    According to the Sheriff’s Office, about at 4 p.m. the victim approached deputies stationed in Gerlach and reported that a man had just stolen her car at knife point.

    According to the victim, she was just outside the Burning Man entrance when she stopped to assist a man by the side of the road.
    The suspect threatened the victim, along with a man who attempted to assist her, with a knife and stole her car.
    View image on Twitter

    Washoe Sheriff

    Washoe County Sheriff’s Office deputies/K9 capture knife-wielding man suspected of stealing a car from a woman leaving Burning Man http://dlvr.it/QjDqBj
    12:32 PM – Sep 5, 2018
    See Washoe Sheriff’s other Tweets
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    Just a few minutes later, deputies spotted the stolen vehicle and a man fitting the suspect’s description in the area of Bruno’s Country Club.
    The suspect, still armed with a knife, attempted to flee deputies.
    As deputies approached, the suspect refused commands to drop the knife. A Washoe County Sheriff’s Office K9 was deployed. The suspect kicked and beat on the K9 as deputies attempted to apprehend him. After a short struggle, deputies were able to successfully take the suspect into custody.
    The suspect has been identified as Tiago Steven Gomez, age 32 of West Hollywood, California.
    He is currently being held in the Washoe County Detention Facility on charges of mistreating a police animal and resisting a public officer.
    Because of the location of the carjacking, the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting that investigation

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