A Dream of a Crucible

Guys (and gals, and members of the other 72 genders, whichever pronouns you prefer) – you already dreamed about this place for decades. You threw a party there in 1997. Then in 2016 you hit up the Billionaire Burners in the community and raised $7 million in donos to purchase it. That was more than three years ago! Since then, you’ve repeatedly asked the Burner community to ideate a vision – and proceeded to ignore any and all suggestions.

What sort of dreams are you looking for? Why not take some of that $50 million annual budget and actually make something happen on top of your $7 million real estate investment?

Maybe if you took a leaf out of Monopolys book and offered Free Parking for Art Cars, a community would coalesce out there independently of a massive bureaucracy?

2 comments on “A Dream of a Crucible

  1. It’s just a fucking exclusive retreat center that happens to have very unique geography, but the BMORG has to drizzle it’s tiresome mantra of “changing the world” over everything. If I ever go again, I’m wearing a shirt that says “Just facilitate the event” because that’s all they should be doing.

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