OSINTWars: American Intelligence Media vs Insurge Intelligence

I have spoken many times about the ground-breaking work of Dr Nafeez Ahmed, who in 2015 released this 2-part story about the Deep State involvement in the evolution of the Web and search engines:

Part 1 How the CIA Made Google

Part 2 Why Google Made the NSA

Recently American Intelligence Media did a show questioning the legitimacy of these articles, featuring ex(?)-NSA ex(?)-Jesuit Douglas Gabriel, and tech entrepreneur Michael McKibben who claims to have invented a key technology of social media that was stolen by Facebook.

In this video they state that their research team had looked into every aspect of the Highlands Group that was available on the Internet in 2017 but at the time did not find Part 2 of Nafeez’s story. Their insinuation was that this was some sort of conspiracy, a #timephonehack to take credit for their work.

I remember when both articles came out in 2015, and can confirm that their publishing dates were real – if not at the same time, no more than 2 days apart at maximum. The Wayback Machine archived both articles on the same date, June 27 2015; but they were out months before then.

I shared the articles on two of my Facebook groups when they came out:

WikiLeaks also promoted the work at the time:

Here’s somebody else tweeting both stories on Jan 26, 2015:

I also referenced these articles right here at Burners.me on Jan 21, 2017 “Davos is Burning Man With Clothes -Sergey Brin”

I was talking about this stuff a decade ago, when I was a veteran Burner and novice Tweeter but not yet a blogger:

As for the Highlands Group, I mentioned this in relation to Bruce Damer in Part 5(b) of Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon – The Shadow History of Burners. This was published Feb 2 2017 but recorded months earlier.

Relevant part begins is at 1:29:25

Bruce Damer went on the Joe Rogan Experience, published Oct 14 2014. I’m not sure if he mentioned the Highlands Group in this interview, but it has certainly been all over his web site for many years. This is a very revealing interview about Burning Man:

American Intelligence Media, aka AIM4truth, published a story about the Highlands Group on Feb 18, 2017:

This article opens with a reference to an earlier publication on March 31, 2016 at State Of The Nation SOTN: WHO REALLY OWNS THE MILITARY INDUSTRIALIST COMPLEX: THE HIGHLAND FORUM EXPOSED.

I note that both headlines get the name of the group wrong.

The SOTN exposé on the Highlands Forum specifically references Insurge Intelligence’s 2-part story from the previous year.

Source: State Of The Nation, Mar 31 2016

Historical research is based on things that already happened, so “I reported it first” is a silly game to play in this context. Gabriel and McKibben do themselves and their “conclave” a disservice by not respecting and crediting Nafeez Ahmed’s amazing reporting. If AIM’s researchers really could not find this information when they looked in 2017 – when it is easily available from their own web site – this is a black mark against their team rather than against Dr Ahmed.

Googles first ever doodle commercially appropriated the Burning Man logo

5 comments on “OSINTWars: American Intelligence Media vs Insurge Intelligence

  1. The above “critique” is totally fake. Note that all the supposed links back to alleged WikiLeaks tweets are, in fact, citing the faked Medium dates.

    The alleged Zos Dotorg Facebook comments prove nothing since they are hearsay and can easily be faked by a Facebook admin.

    John Miller is a ***notorious Facebook attorney troller*** who does nothing but trash real American inventors and appears to have nothing constructive to do with his/her life.

    • Explain how the Wayback machine saved both articles in 2015. Was that faked too? And all the tweets from 2015? I just searched my Facebook page for Nafeez and took a screenshot. I have no idea how as an Admin I would be able to alter the date of a post to make it older. Is this something you’ve tried yourself?

    • Burner, don’t worry about those two. They have, shall we say, a very tenuous grasp on technology at best. If you want a really good laugh, go back and look at some of their videos where they claim that Hillary Clinton has the encryption keys to the entire Internet and the videos where McKibben claims that Cloudflare is rigging elections. It is a hoot!!

    • and I highly doubt that they even know what the Wayback machine is, let alone understand how it actually works.

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