Jeffrey Epstein Documents Unsealed

A whole new bunch of documentation from the Epstein case has become public.

This file seems to contain all the documents – 387 Mb PDF, 2024 pages.


Epstein was pronounced dead by suicide less than 24 hours after these documents came out. “#ClintonBodyCount” was immediately trending on Twitter, before they made the phrase magically vanish. Don’t worry though, it’s just a “baseless conspiracy theory” according to NBC and Snopes. That’s why any discussion of it must be censored.

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Corey’s Digs has looked into Epstein’s New Mexico and St Thomas properties

Here’s a nicely organized version of the flight manifests from one pilot, David Rodgers.


3 comments on “Jeffrey Epstein Documents Unsealed

  1. >Elite Pedophiles rule the world and can get to anyone.
    There’s a video about this, made by Infowars but it’s good:

  2. Jeffery Epstein is dead on the one month Anniversary of Tracy Twyman’s death. August 10, 2019. RIP Tracy Twyman.

    • Wow exactly one month. And the same method: hanging. Funny how people connected to this particular area of criminal activity always choose the same way to remove themselves from being a problem.

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