FishTank: Behind The Art

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Dr Andy Levy talks about the “miles of smiles” inspiration behind his Fish Tank art cars, which are notable for being designed to be totally open. Hop-on, rock-on.

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The Fish Tanks don’t just go to Burning Man. They have also been to the Houston Art Car Parade, Art Basel Miami, Electric Daisy Carnival, and the Art Car Fest at the Reno Museum of Art.

You might want to hit mute before you watch this next one. There are no speed limits at Juplaya

photo by Gilles Bonugli

photo by Gilles Bonugli

photo by Peter Ruprecht

photo by Peter Ruprecht

Fish Tank at Electric Daisy Carnival

Fish Tank at Electric Daisy Carnival

Fish Tank at Fertility 2.0

Fish Tank at Fertility 2.0

Fighting Fight Tank in the Houston Art Car Parade

Fighting Fight Tank in the Houston Art Car Parade


Fighting Fish Tank


photo by Peter Ruprecht

Fish Tank at Distrikt

Fish Tank at Distrikt

Fish Tank at JuPlaya

2014 Mutant Vehicles

Outside Online has a gallery of art cars from Caravansary. What were your favorites?

From outsideonline (photos by Nick Kelley):

2014 fish-bike-dust-playa

“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” – Irina Dunn

I met Davina the Dragon at Freeform in NJ. Christian, the artist, was super nice. The head and tail move independently

Gonkirin the Dragon

2014 surfer-on-the-playa

Just another punk in a tutu, surfing at the beach

2014 monkey-bikes-playa

check out the “dickstand”



2014 eyeball-art-car

Kalliope has been getting big praise online for its sound this year

Kalliope has been getting big praise online for its sound this year

Appropriate for Year of the Horse

Appropriate for Year of the Horse

And some photos by Peter Ruprecht:

Ohm from Laguna Beach made its debut this year

Ohm Kar from Laguna Beach made its debut this year

Fish Tank, looking good

Fish Tank, looking good

2014 shannon art car peter ruprecht


2014 peter ruprecht scissor lift



Diddy loved Henry Chang’s Fusion art car so much, he may have bought it:

2014 fusion

2014 iamdiddy henry chang

He also had a great time on Tha Shagillac:

photo: Peter Ruprecht

photo: Peter Ruprecht

2014 diddy shagillac

2013 – we invented the remix, and the man-brella

2014 shagillac umbrellas

Diddy start a trend? Parasols galore

Some other notable images:

Icarus photo: Luc Asbury

Icarus – now that’s a Mutant Vehicle! Amazing. Yes those are speakers. photo: Luc Asbury


an "Art Cart". This guy is a true Burner

an “Art Cart”. This guy is a true Burner. Check out the suit and tie under the trenchcoat. photo: Bill Richmond

He's ready for anything. Pens, toothbrush, and suspenders. photo: Gary Schwartz

I nominate Cartman for best Burner. Look at him, he’s ready for anything! Sunglasses, Pens, toothbrush, suspenders, some rope, and a necktie. photo: Gary Schwartz

good way to get around

Another art cart. Good way to get around

Ohm Kar photo: Jaime Lynn Krause

Ohm Kar, designed by artist Adam Pollina. photo: Jaime Lynn Krause

photo: Shane Umbach

From Bali to Laguna to the Black Rock Playa, #ohm is at Home. photo: Shane Umbach

Help Fuel the Dancetronauts

Dancetronauts are running an Indiegogo campaign to help them purchase the fuel and propane needed to bring the popular Strip Ship out to the Playa. There are 11 days left to go in the campaign, and they’re asking Burners to please give anything they can. For $20 they’ll send you their new album. Giving more will put you in the draw to win 1 of 50 tickets to Burning Man that they have available to their lucky fans.

Danctronaut’s Deep Space Embrace party will feature more than 60 art cars.

From Indiegogo:

dancetronauts strip shipDancetronauts are reaching out to our friends & fans. Need fuel to make Burning Man ’14 a reality.  Music

How You Can Make Having The Dancetronaut Art Cars At Burning Man 2014 A Reality?

To all our beloved Dancetronauts Friends, Fans & Family. The Burning Man festival is upon us once again… and we are so close to ensuring our presence there this year. However, we are falling short in just a couple areas that would have The Dancetronauts Strip Ship & Bass Station rocking the playa like you all know and love:

  • dancetronauts elevatedDiesel fuel to get the art cars there and back safely.
  • Sufficient filled propane tanks to run Fire FX.
  • Diesel fuel to run our generators.

It’s really that simple. But has come down to the fact the funds for these few items just aren’t in place as of yet to allow us to move forward with being there in full. 

What We Need & What You Get:

Since Dancetronauts conception, the project has been fully funded internally. We have poured countless hours and dollars into creating the most incredible productions for you all… but right now our time is running short. Either we reach the goal necessary… or we simply won’t be able to bring out and operate our art cars for your enjoyment this year at Burning Man.

Yet we are confident and full of positivity that with the huge network of supporters, friends, and fans both in our social media and outside of that, reaching this goal can be an easy achievement, so long as everyone does at least a small part. 

  • We have created a few unique perks for those that can & would like to help more.
  • We have carefully tallied the costs and your donations solely go to the fuel costs needed. (On avg. we burn about $500 a night just in propane for Fire FX to put things a little more in perspective for you. Add a Diesel Generator and a Diesel Truck “The Strip Ship – one of the most fun ways to cruise the playa & view The Burn from the highest vantage point.” you can see how quickly these costs are driven up.

The Impact of your donations:

dancetronauts trailer dj boothQuite simply… they will make or break Dancetronauts being at Burning Man and being able to perform for you this year. For the last 4 years Dancetronauts have been voted one of the best parties on the playa by BRC. Anyone who has experienced a Dancetronauts party or seen us set up and throwing down on the playa… we are confident you can attest to that.

We have been hit up by an enormous amount of world renowned Producers and DJs… all requesting to perform for YOU ALL at The Burn off our famous Bass Station. This years potential line-up may or may not include and is not limited to:

• Darth & Vader • Peep This (Peep’n Tom & Tyco) • Tek Freaks • Miss DVS • DJ Dan • Revolvr • Genisis • Well Groomed • Alex Mind • Sex Pixels • Peodepitte • Brett Rubin • Philthy Phil • Trav Nasty • EJ tha DJ • Skrillex • Diplo • Felguk • Chainsmokers performing “Selfie” live • ((and don’t forgot of course…. DAFT PUNK…. at the trash fence!!!)) etc. etc. etc. 

Risks & Challenges:

We are obviously on a time crunch. Time is critical right now as the days are rapidly ticking down til Burning Man. Now is the time to act. The sooner your donations are received, the sooner we can make the plans to budget and obtain the fuel necessary. 

… anything is appreciated. Especially your help in spreading the word and furthering this campaign.

The soon to be released album “Cleared For Transmission”, slated for the end of September, is going to be chalk full of original productions by Philthy Phil and other Dancetronauts producers & DJs. This full album is valued at $20 and will be yours PRIOR to Burning Man, including an unreleased exclusive track for our donaters only, that will not be available on the final release. Just our added little way of saying THANK YOU for stepping up. We are truly grateful and will look forward to partying with you ON THE PLAYA. 

PLEASE: Aside from your donations, take action and further the cause by showing your support and posting this campaign anywhere you can on your social media sites. 

Use the Indiegogo share tools! Easily made available to you straight out of our campaign. 


Thank You Thank You Thank You.