Live Like a Flame Thrower

I did an interview on Leppo’s psyop comedy channel, Teenage FBI Live.

It was a great chat, unfortunately cut off right at the end where I was telling a story about seeing Paul Simon in 2016 live at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. I went through the whole set hoping to hear him play “The Boxer”; right at the end, someone came up to whisper in his ear and Paul announced to the crowd that Muhammad Ali had passed away. The news was sad but I was stoked because I knew for sure I was gonna hear my tune…

Rx Only PICTURESHOW with S.B., Jem and Tracy Twyman

Today I went on the Rx Only PICTURESHOW talking about what’s really going on behind the news of Leaving Neverland and Surviving R.Kelly. I’m in the first 90 minutes of the show.

With @universalagent @sewneo and @jem . Shout out to @dazalttheory for hooking this up, congratulations on Liverpool beating Bayern Munich in the Champions League!

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