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My post yesterday has caused quite a stir in some corners of the Internet. I started to update it but there’s so much new content I decided to make a separate post. Stay tuned, this is a fluid situation and large amounts of intel are coming in.

Donna Plays Games

One of the images that A858 sent me in his emails was a painting by this dubious “Donna Emerald” character. The email specifically discussed the painting in relation to the initials of “J” and “K” shown there, which he related to a story about wood carving. Fair Use provisions of copyright law permit discussion of a copyrighted work for non-profit education purposes. Donna has objected to the use of her painting on copyright grounds. Although our use here is completely legal and justifiable in context, we have removed the painting from the story at her request.

Donna has also objected to “one-sided” coverage of this issue at this blog. For her side, see her blog – which is even more “one-sided”. There’s no need for us to present her side and decide for anyone reading which one stacks up the best. We’re sharing the evidence that we have, which comes from the other side of her discussions. It takes two to tango, and two to describe their experience of tangoing together. The experience is unique to each.

She made a response video, but bizarrely (for a blogger) does not allow embedding:


“I’m not a Christian but if I were I would be praying for you”. What is immoral about trying to disprove someone’s false allegation? That is only an attack if you are trying to defend something wrong in the first place. Our religion is about truth and forgiveness. Judgement is reserved for God; sympathy and compassion is what we give our fellow humans. Nothing in this post is meant as a personal attack on “Donna”. It’s an attempt to stop the spreading of false narratives by providing whatever evidence I have – and also to show how there are connections between these YouTubers that are not immediately apparent.

They cry out in pain as they strike you, and they scream incessantly that they are victims of gang-stalking – while attacking targets in gangs with disinformation.

Whoever is operating the A858 account now is not Thomas Schoenberger, their writing styles are completely different and so are their email headers.

A858 email metadata:

TS email metadata:

Donna tested Jack’s French and he failed. Thomas speaks many languages fluently, as he has demonstrated repeatedly on video.

ParadisePete73 is not Thomas Schoenberger either.

I witnessed Pete speaking on the Discord voice when Defango and his crew took over Leppo’s channel. Many people heard this, so the lie that he is a “sock puppet” account and not a real person has been completely debunked. That doesn’t matter to Donna, because it doesn’t fit her victim narrative. The Tweet she describes from ParadisePete73 as a “threat” to her is actually a comment to Defango, who live-streamed his drive from Carson City to Lake Tahoe.

Donna has claimed that Janon has falsely identified her as Sheila Kavanagh, photographer. She appears to instead be Sheila Kavanagh, recognized as a painter of portraits and landscapes.

Decide for yourself. We will not doxx this person by providing address, phone number, or any other personal information. The information we are sharing here has all been put out into the public domain by herself, as she acknowledges in her livestream.

Note “skavop” Slideshare and link to Donna Emerald’s blog:

In this YouTube chat, the “Donna Emerald” character gets blocked and immediately “skavop” appears to defend her.

The “Skavop” character then appears and talks about Donna in the third person. Nobody’s buying it, and the sock puppet account gets banned.

This banning triggered a lengthy post accusing others of gang-stalking, and of course painting Donna as an innocent victim.

Donna has tried to distance herself from her involvement in #TheGame23

#TheGame23 relates to SiriSys. The infamous bot Buddhist Quinn Michaels was promoting a lot of this stuff, and Donna claims that is where her interest came from.

Read more about #TheGame23 on Reddit

There is no question that she is not just “researching” it, but actively promoting it and encouraging others to play also.

This is from Donna’s blog, posted October 2019:

Note what looks very much like the Cicada 3301 logo in the Assassin’s Creed video she posted.

She talks about Project MAYHEM, which was the origins of Burning Man and has expanded to incorporate Anonymous, WikiLeaks, #Occupy, and ARGs such as #Cicada3301 through Project MAYHEM 2012 and Project MAYHEM 2020. This was a topic we covered in some depth in Silicon Valley’s Secret Weapon – The Shadow History of Burners Part 7: Social Engineering on the Electronic Frontier (starts at about the 3 hour mark).

What Does Wyatt Know?

Image Credit: JAnon

Spooky Steven Speaks Slander

There have also been a couple of comments left here by Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez of Bangkok. While I am sympathetic to his plight as a “100% disabled” veteran taking anti-psychotic meds in “horse doses” and methadone twice a day, I don’t appreciate him coming to my web site to spread his lies. This “researcher” thinks that a statement of claim by a plaintiff to initiate a lawsuit must all be completely true, even if it was never presented under oath to a Court and no evidence was ever provided for any of the claims. He states this as if it were fact but he cannot demonstrate that he has ever seen even one page from this statement of Claim, or any other documents related to the case.

Source: Magic Kingdom Dispatch

Of all the emails and attachments A858 sent to me, only one caused a problem. A virus and phishing error I’ve never seen before, warning “This Message Seems Dangerous” and contained links to a malicious site hosting malware. The email contained only one link: to what appeared to be Esteban’s twitter account.

This so-called self-described “researcher” Esteban seems to have been attacked by everyone he interviewed, and for some reason refused to release any of the interview he did with Defango a week after Isaac Kappy’s death.


Coincidentally (cough), he was a former Green Beret/DEA agent connected to Reagan and stationed at the Presidio SF alongside Lt Col Michael Aquino around the time of the Satanic Ritual Abuse, Franklin and Iran/Contra scandals.

So he’s “never ‘kind of connected'” to Presidents Reagan and Bush. Uh-huh. Other characters in this School Play are connected to the Bushes through massive political donations or family history. Defango has his own set of political connections, which seem to go surprisingly high for the #2 LARPer of the Internet in 2019 (decided by popular vote).

Esteban admitted that he was stationed at the Presidio base during the 80’s and knew exactly where Michael Aquino’s cubicle was. He claims to be a warlock/magician.

He tells us he doesn’t even know anyone connected to MagaCo, but is friends with their leader Glenn on his Keybase account:

He has already confessed directly to me that he is an informant to the guy he says he does nothing for.

His statement that he wanted nothing to do with me is belied by his frequent name-calling and promotion of falsehoods about me ever since.

Perhaps he is touchy about Satanism because this is the symbol he promotes on his pinned Tweet:

Esteban’s basis for claiming I am anti-Semitic was my suggestion that the Church of Satan’s connection to arms trafficking and Zionism and Jeffrey Epstein’s connection to arms trafficking and Zionism could possibly be related. Epstein worked for the MEGA Group, who have been connected to the Bushes through big dollar political donations.


Mitt Romney built his fortune with funding from Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father.


We’re supposed to believe that a week after Isaac Kappy’s Mysterious Death, an occultist former (?) undercover agent with ties to the Bushes and the Presidio shows up with a sudden interest in the #Cicada3301 story? And around the same time as this some hedge fund guy with ties to the Bushes shows up attacking Thomas Schoenberger and speaking like they’re an expert in #Cicada3301? And all this is just coincidence, because Isaac Kappy and Jeffrey Epstein killed themselves?

Adding to the coincidences, Esteban calls himself “Magic Kingdom Dispatch”. The late Tracy Twyman spoke about Disney’s Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms.

Source: Twitter

Esteban is on an openly stated mission to destroy Thomas Schoenberger, as are Brett Trimble, Defango, Marcus Conte, Shark Belly Kelly, Fkn Freddy, OG Wan Kenobi – and others who shall remain unnamed. Donna Emerald seems to be joining the crew. Who’s paying for the boat?

The question is, why? What has this music composer and cryptographic expert ever done to all these people? It seems like he offered Defango career opportunities and introductions and promoted him into the alt-media spotlight. The same thing he did for Isaac Kappy, who he had a few positive interactions with but wasn’t particularly close to. Isn’t this the Christian way, to reach out and help people who seem to be trying to do good things?

“Oh he had a stalking charge many years ago and then a DUI”. So what? Many of the people against TS have had their own run-ins with the law in the past. Either you let everyone have a voice or you consistently never let anyone have a voice if they have at least one felony, and that must last forever even if they did their time – even if it was dismissed. Forget paying your debt to society. This is a new form of social credit score, gangs of trolls choosing who is to be silenced and deplatformed. Censoring critics in the guise of “hate speech”. Break the law once, and lose the right to ever speak publicly again. Do the people pushing these narratives really want to live in a world like that? Maybe they do; many of them seem to be practicing Satanists, or at least espousing those values.

Let’s focus on the information, not the personalities. Why does it matter to Esteban if I have “bad hygiene”? If this was true, rather than something made up by someone trying unsuccessfully to get $3 million from me, would it change any of the research I’m presenting? Why not discuss the research, instead of the researcher?

Ye shall know them by their fruits.

In this case, their narratives are the same, their targets are the same, their tactics are the same, their attack vectors are synchronized – and anyone questioning them in any way gets equally attacked.


[Update Jan 30 2020]

This appears to be Donna’s “evidence” that Jack = TS. An account on YouTube called “Schoenberger’s Cat” made a comment “I am indeed proud to be Thomas Schoenberger”.

In the comments section she linked you can actually see Joe Blow (Thomas) talking to Schoenberger’s Cat, who sure seems to talk exactly like Jack.

Thomas has been trying to clear this up with Donna Emerald for quite some time now:

Jack stated the truth directly to Donna, and she accepted it at the time:

Donna’s claim that TheGame23 was something she looked at once and has no real interest in is further belied by the blogs she is promoting on her web site and the multiple posts there tagged “TheGame23”.

Jack claims to have been in the French Foreign Legion:

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