One For The Ladies

When asked about gender, 39% of Burners identify as “women” and 1% as “fluid”.

Burner Valkyrie from Camp Rockstar (2 & C) has shared some useful information for the fairer sex.


I’m bringing a new theme camp this year with quite a few virgins. One of the ladies contacted me seeking info about having your period on the playa. she stated that there was little info out there on the subject and she was embarrassed to ask. So I wrote this and I hope could share it with their lady audience.

women of burning-man11Dearest  Ladies,
I’d like to open the conversation and share some helpful information about a Burning Man inevitable….. Getting your period on the Playa.

I had my period my first year at Burning Man and what I can offer from that week is that full body glitter is a bad call when you are on your period and are cleaning yourself in a bucket with a spray bottle.
It’s going to be gross and a pain in the ass (you are on your period in a Porta Potty…) but here are some tips to ease the pain and take great care of yourself:

1.  Baby Wipes – you will use more than one package of baby wipes to clean yourself throughout the week. Feet, nails, ears, nose… and your nether regions. Remember wipe front to back and take special care of your butt if you are resting your bare booty on a bicycle seat.  Butt rash is a thing and thank goddess for the Hiney Hygiene Station. (Seriously)

2.   Waste Management – at Burning Man you have to take everything with you and this includes your trash. The Porta Potties are 2 1 ply only.  So what do you do with your used baby wipes, tampons and pads?
Ziplock lock bags.  Bring a gallon sized Ziplock bag (decorate with colored duct tape to red flag as your personal item) and deposit your waste there.  This is an important aspect of having a MOOP bag, backpack, etc. If you are using a utility belt I would recommend a smaller sized Ziplock bag.  When you return to your camp you may deposit your baby wipes and tampons in your camps burnable trash (paper) receptacle.  Pads (because of the plastic) go in the regular trash.
MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) maintenance is a very important aspect of the Burning Man experience.  My first year I was gifted a great little MOOP bag to keep me accountable for my trash.  A simple cloth drawstring bag works great.  You can hook it on to your backpack or belt loop with a Carabeener.  Your MOOP bag is a great place to keep your Ziplock Period Bag.
A small toiletries bag would also work well to hold your Ziplock Period Bag.

Some find this essential

Some find this essential

3.  Tampon, Pad or Diva Cup? – Whatever works for you! I’ve used all three at some point on the Playa.
I will say this –
the Diva Cup is the most environmentally friendly and cheapest option and dramatically cuts down on the waste that YOU have to carry. Always make sure your hands are clean (baby wipes) before you remove or deposit the cup and always bring water with you when you empty the contents in the cup in the porta potty so you may clean your cup.  Aaaaand baby wipes…
Tampons are the easiest to put in and remove however you still need those baby wipes and you have to carry all the dirty pon pons with you.  ( I hope somebody appreciates that I just said pon pon).
Pads are great if you want to air yourself out at night.  Still a lot of trash.  If you are a heavy night bleeder like me then you might want to prepare yourself with some special period pants (black) in case of inevitable accidents.

4.     Sex on your Period on the Playa – Do it if the moment strikes you and if you have baby wipes, a towel and an indifference to pulling out your tampon in front your partner.

5.    Gifting – gifting feminine hygiene products is an awesome and very much appreciated way to participate at Burning Man. I had a great time “decorating” a Porta Potty at last years Burn with an assortment of lady products and incense and took special pride when my camp mates preferred my Potty over the others.

jug aiming6.   Yeast Infections – if you know you are prone to this awful inconvenience prepare ahead and bring the necessary meds and vitamins with you.

7.   Get a massage! Take advantage of the rad shower camps at Burning Man and pamper yourself on your period!  Take a class related to femininity!  Dive into your hippy side and connect with your goddess energy and take a moment to reflect with the Moon.  Take this opportunity to make your period a positive experience by giving special attention to your sacred femininity.  Burning Man is a sacred place and a home for women especially to feel safe and expressive.

In closing, I can’t stress enough diligence in regards to cleaning your body parts when you are caring for your cycle.  Be efficient and plan ahead.  Be smart and find ways to pack small.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, comments or “howdy’s”.


Camp Rockstar
2:00 and Cinnamon