Horizontal Collusion and Other Alternative Universes


Are the algorithms working for us? Or against us? Automatic colluding bots are a much bigger problem in your life than you’re probably aware of. This episode of the Keiser Report offers a solution to fight the system – with itself. Max interviews David DeGraw, one of the Founders of the #occupy movement who coined the term “the 99 Percent”. They discuss the Revolution that Russell Brand and Ron Paul have been trying to kick off. David is trying to create a “psychological underground railroad” to help people navigate the propaganda system.

18:18 ” it’s about empowering people to follow their passions and do what they love. People are so dominated by fear. They are so mentally enslaved. They are thoroughly propagandized and embedded in the fear-based consciousness”

At 20:00 Max pitches his idea. A truly brilliant idea.


Who’s to blame, if computers did it?

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In a holocracy do-ocracy, and volunteer oligarchy…who’s responsible for the decisions? Are the ticket algorithms responsible for the 40% virgins, or their programmers? Or hackers? Maybe no-one is responsible, it’s all just chaos, computers acting randomly…

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Have you set up your Burner Profile yet?

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Russell Brand’s current affairs show The Trews is well worth subscribing to on YouTube, as is the Keiser Report which also airs on RT. Here’s a recent interview with him about his ideas for non-violent Revolution, and speaking truth to power and the “invading forces” like Amazon, Starbucks, and Google. It’s rather long, but it’s quite interesting. There aren’t that many people putting themselves out there on the world stage and expressing original ideas, that don’t involve purchasing something.

“Whenever power concentrates it creates a dickhead” – classic.

You may also want to consider this Situationist conspiracy theory which paints Russell Brand as a pied piper, confusing and diffusing the occupy movement with the 60’s radical tactics of the Society of the Spectacle. In the interview above, he does bring up Adbusters at 40:00 as an organization he admires and follows.

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