Photographer Gifts Playa Portraits

ruprecht playa photo shoot

Wear your best pinks. New York based graphic artist Peter Ruprecht and some multi-award winning Toronto video producers are gifting his art on the Playa. Join the Facebook event if you’re interested in participating.

Enough people have been asking me to shoot them on the playa that i have decided once again to do a fully studio lit photoshoot on the playa for anyone one to come get shot as a playa gift. Sign up here so i kind of get any idea how many to accommodate …or just show up on playa….either way come get photographed. Just come in white. It will be at Dragonfly Den on 10 and C Thursday at sunset just before their Pink Party.

peter 2013 girls playa

You can check out his last Playa photo shoot here.

Here’s some of the amazing stop-motions Peter has made at past Burning Mans.