Self-contained bicycle camper

You have to hand it to Burner Paul Elkins for ingenuity – a camper that you can move around Burning Man by bicycle. You can live in it, and it only weighs 100 lbs. Might be a bit hard to pick up in, though! But frikkin awesome for when you’ve danced your ass off at Opulent Temple with every bit of energy you had, and you’re ready to crash without having to find your way back to camp.

for one week, paul lived inside this tiny unit which he could move around by hopping on his bike. the home is suitable for all weather conditions and weighs only 100 pounds. inside there is a folding bed, table, and lots of storage. there is a tiny kitchen, ventilation system and a ‘washroom’ (we assume this is what the giant container  of kitty litter is for). there is also a tiny bubble window that adds some extra head room for sleeping under the stars.

Paul’s not the only one with this idea. Here are some non-Burner takes on the concept.

Home sweet home!

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