Burner creates Playadex exchange to help camps meet resourcing needs

Once more, the Burner community proves they have more ideas and initiative in their little finger than the BMorg has in their entire Orgness.

Burner Noah has created a Burner Exchange called the Playadex, http://www.playadex.com

It’s early days yet (as I write this, 18 minutes old), but it seems like the Playadex could be very useful in helping those who have something to contribute, get in touch with camps that have been devastated by the swiss cheese effect and are wondering if they can even have a camp without 80% of their compadres.

The aim of Playadex is to match creators seeking projects, and projects seeking creators, and people who have needs and things they can trade or offer. They have some quite specific categories to help express and define who you are and what you can do.

BMorg says true Burners should sell spare tickets at a loss; Burners.Me says true Burners do things more along the lines of Playadex. We applaud Noah for just knuckling down and creating a solution that helps others, and gifting it to the community.


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