LA Burner meet up this Saturday for virgins

Playa54 is hosting an event this Satuday afternoon, from 2pm-4m at Griffith Park.

This is it! The first time in your life that you jumped in with both feet and bought a ticket to “That Thing In The Desert,” known as Burning Man. It’s Exciting, Inspiring and well, down right CRAZY!! And then right after you bought your ticket, and it hits you that you are REALLY going, you have questions…A LOT of questions! Maybe you even Panic there are so many questions! AH! Well, don’t worry, come to this event. It’s designed just for you – The Newbie – or “Virgin” Burner. No offense, we all start there!!As a 6 year burner, founding member of PLAYA 54 Theme Camp, a contributing artist to last years “1MileClock” Art Project (the world’s largest working clock made out of lasers), and a Volunteer every year I attended Burning Man, I’m pretty sure I can answer all of your questions!! From gifting to volunteering, from starting a theme camp to the drive OUT of Black Rock City (know as Exodus), I got you covered!!

HOWEVER, first things first…the BASICS!! We’ll cover food, packing, shelter (RV vs Tent, other options), water, clothes, etc. There is no question I won’t be able to answer…at least I don’t think there is…but then again, this is Burning Man and there is NO RIGHT WAY TO DO IT!!

Come with your questions, a chair (if you don’t want to sit on the grass), bring a snack, if you’d like, and let’s have some fun!!

This is a FREE Event! However, if you would like to offer a monetary gift (a love donation) to PLAYA 54’s Burning Man Fund it would be much appreciated, and certainly put to good use!! Thanks!!

Hope to see you on the 7th!!

6 (my playa name)

(aka Jason)

If you get lost, call me at 760-521-1646.

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