Friends in high places? Burning Man goes to Washington, DC

Maybe this will help with the probation appeal. Burners are putting on an event on Capitol Hill, to introduce the Burning Man community to Congressional leaders and staffers.

Betsy Rothstein at MediaBistro writes:

As if Washington’s political realm needed any more excuses for its public figures and aides to act like idiots?

Well, here’s another one. The Burning Hour. It’s a condensed version of that booze-filled western orgy that happens annually in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada that they describe as, ahem, “creative innovation.” Now they’re bringing that free “spirit” to Washington, specifically to Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill on April 30 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., to introduce Congressional leaders and their staffs to the Burning Man community. Turn away from the sun staffers! Run for your lives!

Those who decide to attend will hear stories about the decades-old event from Burning Man veterans who are proudly known as “Burners.” We heard from one Burner who described his experience as follows:

“It’s an orgy in the middle of the dessert that is fueled by drugs and broken dreams. The one thing I remember more than anything is the smell. Between all the drugging and fucking, etc, it’s a garbage dump of smells..  Burning weed, hot latex and fuck fumes.

As you can see above, a lot of ass tattooing goes on, which couldn’t be more perfect for members of Congress in an election year. We can hardly wait to hear more.

We can hardly wait either, and will bring you updates if we can find any. Perhaps the size of Burning Man will become a burning issue in this year’s Presidential election?


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