Skrillex wins another award…greatest guitarist of all time?

errr, WTF? This is maybe taking the crossover idea a wee bit too far…

Spin Magazine Publishes List of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that there are certain things Skrillex has mastered: the earth-shuddering drop. The Macbook Pro. The asymmetrical ‘do. There is, however, one thing you’d think it was safe to say he’s never exhibited a handle over: the guitar. You might think that, but today Spinhas crowned Skrilly the 100th best guitarist of all time.

Yes, in their list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, Spin opened proceedings with a nod to the brostep overlord. “Look as far as we know, our asymmetrically coiffed party pal has never held a guitar in his life,” The puzzling explanation begins. “But no contemporary musician has a more primal understanding of adrenaline-pumping, pulse-raising, chest-caving bulldozer riffs than dubstep mosh ambassador Skrillex. Somewhere between the unfiltered piston-pumps of nü-metal and the twinkling emocore melodies that weaned him is a gaping sarlacc of yawping melodies and buzzsaw edges.”

This being Spin, we’ll take the accolade with a grain of salt – especially considering the line “The bass drop to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites might just be this generation’s Smoke on the Water.” Nonetheless, the reception to a man who has never played the guitar being featured on a list of the greatest guitarists of all time wasn’t exactly warm.

“Skrillex? Are you FUCKING kidding me?” begins one (of many) angry comments on the article. “If the person does not play guitar, then they should not be on a list of “guitarists”. Hey Skrillex, check out these 5 beginner guitar tips, learn them before you actually claim an award for a guitar. You pretentious fucking idiots.” Other comments included, “SKRILLEX really? WTF…This is a work of an intern”, and “FUCK YOU GUYS SO HARD! putting skrillex on that list is insulting to guitar players. You want people to take you seriously?”

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