After Bliss, comes Truth and Beauty

After yesterday’s rare transit of Venus, we thought it would be good to highlight the work of an artist who supports the divine goddess energy. Bay Area sculptor Marco Cochrane created the amazing Bliss Dance to highlight feminine power:

“What I see missing in the world is an appreciation and respect for feminine energy and power that results when women are free and safe. Bliss is intended to focus attention on this healing power and as 60’s as this sounds….make the world a better place.”

Bliss Dance, 40 ft high, was made by the self-taught artist without the aid of  computers:

Bliss Dance is an original 40-foot sculpture by artist Marco Cochrane. Without the aide of computers, the artist constructed Bliss out of steel rod and tubing utilizing two (2) layers of geodesic triangles, covered by a skin of stainless steel mesh and lit from both inside and outside by 1,000 LED lights controllable by a customized I-Pad application, with spectacular results. Held together by 55,000 welds and supported by six (6), 2.5-inch solid steel rods in the weight bearing ankle. Weighing in at 7000 pounds , Bliss was a manifestation of the artist’s goal to marry the masculine feel of triangles, trusses and steel with the feminine form and spirit.

Although Bliss Dance was inspired by (and created for) Burning Man, it is available for all the world to enjoy at Treasure Island.

Marco’s follow up piece is called Truth and Beauty, using the same model. The statue will be more than 60 foot high. Here’s an interview with Marco about both pieces:

Truth and Beauty was half-finished for 2011’s Rites of Passage, and the torso made an appearance on the Playa.

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