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Finally, a good decision from the Bmorg. This blog has been calling for Burning Man to support the cottage industries of the Burner community from the start…and today in the Jack Rabbit Speaks, Will Chase says they are. With a special “catalog” edition of the jack rabbit that is easy for Burners to delete:

Lightning in a Bottle provides a source of income and audience for hundreds of artists and fashion designers


Once again, the JRS will publish a Resource Listing for businesses that offer goods and services that are of interest to the Burning Man community as they prepare for the event. Our goal with this is to support the cottage industry that has grown up around Burning Man over the years, particularly (but not limited to) Burner-owned businesses, as well as making our community aware of these resources and the many discounts or special offers that are shared with us each year. We limit this activity to a single issue in order to give you the freedom of choice to delete the issue if it’s not your cup of tea. We all know that there are preparations and sometimes purchases that we make to get ready for Burning Man — we’ve never said we’re against commerce, but when it comes to the JRS we do keep this activity to a single issue each year.

We are now accepting submissions ONLY via this form , which will close on June 15 at 12 noon PST. Late submissions will not be considered, no exceptions. The listing will be published on the Burning Man website by June 20, and we’ll post the link on the JRS, on our Facebook Page, and Twitter feeds.

“Sometimes purchases”? Amazing. We would love to hear stories from any Burners who go to Burning Man, and only occasionally purchase something on the way. If you draw a salary from BMOrg then it doesn’t count – I mean, their CEO thinks they sell waters there.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing a few groupon deals for tickets soon?

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    • great. Everyone step in and promote it more, the “cottage industry” needs and deserves the help of Burners. Let’s hope our good buddy Bobzilla over at BMIR gives them some shout outs too.

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