Slum Lords of Plug-n-Play camping

This one should deliver hours of entertainment for the Burner fundamentalists.

The PlayaSlumlord is a cooperative of Burners who’ve accumulated a number of trailers and RV’s for rent at BurningMan. We started with ourselves and our friends. Our gear is in a secure enclosure in Fallon, Nevada. We can store your private trailer, yurt, teepees……….or MutantVehicle

Their recipe promises a mixture of rave, psychedelics, alcohol, and Mad Max.

The trailers on offer include a 25-foot fifth wheeler and two smaller campers. They will place them in your camp for you, and collect them when you’re done. They don’t supply any of the other stuff, so instead of going to Wal-Mart and Costco to stock your RV up, you will need to stock up the vehicle that’s transporting you, then wait on the Playa with all your gear, including sheets and cooking utensils, until you can find your RV.

We wonder if the Burner community will be more accepting of this offer since the trailers are old and used, and not exactly luxury.

8 comments on “Slum Lords of Plug-n-Play camping

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  3. It sure chews up a lot of time and energy dealing with people who don’t have homes (they prepaid for) on the playa. The ripple effect of one persons fuck up washes across many. It cost me at least two days and $350 in emergency sat phone time and one girl stroked out trying to get her shit sorted in the heat of the day. If you take money and make promises you HAVE to deliver, especially on the playa. No excuses.


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  8. LOL…….come on peeps……..this is not my biz in the default world….and it keeps the Nevada redneck hippies in Fallon employed storing the stuff and keeping it in repair and brining it to The Playa………hardly plug n play………..and don’t forget…..friends from far away don’t have the luxury of towing all their stuff up with their pickups from SF….Peace…….Beacon Sway…aka ‘PlayaSlumlord’…)'(

    PS….you’ve seen my powerful green lasers as a ‘beacon’ on the Playa for the past few years……..follow them to our Yurt this year….Peace….

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