The Cave: Inflatable Tent from Germany

This is something I’ve thought of before – back in the days before I had an RV, anyway. The CAVE from Hamburg based company Helmplanet, is an inflatable tent that sleeps 3 or seats 6. It inflates and deflates in less than a minute, and is divided into separate chambers so that it can survive even major structural damage (like the Titanic). They have designed it with biomimicry, to copy the natural structure of a diamond.

The Inflatable Diamond Grid (IDG) is a self-supporting airframe formed out of 5 modular double-layer air beams. They can be divided into five separate air chambers to provide a stable stance even in case of damaged parts. In stormy conditions lines can be used to fix the frame to the ground – usually they will not be necessary. Pitching takes less than a minute – with no parts to put together, just pump it up and feel at home.

The airbeams are built with a resistant, double-layer construction – an extra airtight TPU bladder to keep the air inside and an outer jacket for protection and stability. It is made of a polyester-laminated fabric which ensures extra stability and durability.

It weighs 11 lbs and costs €499 at their online store. They take PayPal and credit cards.

It’s durable and weatherproof – it can withstand winds up to 9 on the Beaufort Scale (54 mph), classed as a “strong gale”. A Hurricane scores a “12”. That seems to be enough to withstand conditions on the Playa. Here’s some good tips on tethering your tent, for maximum wind gust resistance.

It comes in a tiny backpack, and inflates in less than a minute:

I would say arrive at night, attach the EL Wire first, and then inflate. If anyone does this, please video it and send to Burners.Me. I’ve just ordered one, so will be trying that for sure.

It looks pretty damn easy to pack up…make sure you wear the Portlandia hipster beanie for maximum performance!

Here’s their (kinda cheesy) commercial:

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