Send Money Now: Kickstarter projects still need funding

Burning Man has provided a useful master list of Kickstarter projects. It’s great to see so many that have successfully hit their targets and been funded. There are some that are nearly at their goals but need a little more support from the Burner community to get across the line.

The top 3 fundraisers so far are:

David Best’s The Temple, $34,439

Janky’s Pier 2, $22,905

The Desert Forest, $15,052

Here also is a list of the 47 official Art Installations that received some partial funding from Burning Man, in the form of an Honorarium. Although we are told that it is a percentage of ticket sales, when buying tickets we are also asked to make a donation to the Black Rock Arts foundation. It is unclear how much the annual donation amounts are, and if this indeed covers all the art grants for the year. This year the funding amount was $700,000 – about the same amount Burning Man just made issuing 2000 more tickets. All the projects that received funding had to do their own fundraisers in addition, as Burning Man’s funding was only a token amount and does not include the logistics required to get art to and from the Playa. A lot of artists missed out: there were 349 applications seeking $5 million, not to mention all the art cars and privately funded projects and theme camps.

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