Burnerprep.com: useful site, or blatant Decommodification violation?

As we all know, commerce is banned at Burning Man. Although of course there are “grey areas“, which this blog has explored extensively, like art fundraisers, pre-packaged provisions, and plug-n-play camping. And there are also “pretend it’s not there” areas, like ice, coffee, and RV dumps.

Burnerprep.com is a new website, selling goodies that Burners might like.

Welcome to Burner Prep! This is a site to help you prepare for Burning Man.

Specifically, the site is to help you with your lighting needs for Burning Man. It gets awful dark out there on the Playa so you’ll want some lights so you can see and be seen. Check the Video below for how the lights on this site can help you on the Playa. Check BM Survival Guide in the bar above for more on general Burning Man preparation tips. 5% of profits will be donated to Black Rock Solar.

We support the move to light up the world’s darktards -anyone who can help this mission in any way will get Burners.Me’s support. Although we caution caveat emptor on the prices, and on his idea that glow bracelets make great Playa gifts.

What say you, Burners? Is this web site destroying our party? Or, because all the transactions take place off-Playa, is it OK?

2 comments on “Burnerprep.com: useful site, or blatant Decommodification violation?

  1. IF you support commodification off the playa, then make a purchase from those sites target Burners. IF you don’t, then vote with your wallet, and not buy from those sites.

    It’s not a big deal since it takes place off the playa. Many businesses cater to the Burning Man community to be helpful to Burners, and to help themselves and fill their cash registers.

    It’s up to you to be a savvy shopper. Do your research, if getting a bargain is important to you.

    Speaking just for myself….somethings I want a super bargain, and sometimes I shop convenience and may pay a little more.

    It’s your money, spend as you please.

  2. Its off the Playa, so it is that wonderful grey area. Stores advertise to burners all the time, however I have a problem with the 2-3x markup on items. If you are a resourceful burner you can find EVERYTHING on their site for a lot lot less around on the net.

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