Huge Burning Man Costume Sale – everything $5 or less

Just saw this on Craigslist. Looks like there could be some good deals available for the budget-conscious Burner. Of course, you can always go to Kostume Kult and get a new outfit for free.

August 5th, Sunday, 4990 Pacheco Blvd, Martinez. Next to the Pacheco Post Office.

I will be selling hundreds of costumes made just for burning man. These are recycled items made from the fanciest old clothes. (And lots of new fabrics and trims).

The sale is from 10 till 5pm. (Or when we sell it all. Last year the sales would be wiped out in less than 3 hours.)

The price range for this stuff is $1 to $5. NOTHING over $5.

There are tops, shirts, capes, jackets, pants etc…All of it is special in design, fabric or both.

What you won’t find here…No expensive ‘tribal’ outfits. No ‘moopy’ feathers, glitter or loose beads. (I am a veteran burner). No cheesy, mass produced Halloween costumes. (In theory those are great for the event but I just don’t happen to have any.)

What you WILL find is Great clothing redesigned into something funny, fabulous, sexy or manly. Glorious fabrics like satin, brocade, velvet, lace, canvas, linen, sheers of natural and synthetic and tons of choices.

Everything will be neatly hanging on racks, laid out on tables or thrown into bins.

There are also bins of essential junk like water bottles, sun glasses, costume jewelry, tights, gloves etc. . .

See you there.

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