Tickets, Tickets…tickets everywhere, STEP not accepting any more

STEP has officially closed. What does that mean? Well if you’re a Burner with an extra ticket or two, and you want to follow the recommendations of the BMOrg and not support scalpers on the after market, then you’d better gift those tickets quick while there’s still people to appreciate it. Burners who held on for prices to drop so they could “do the right thing” and not make money from their re-sale…now may be lucky to sell their tickets at a loss, or at all.

Ticket prices are dropping fast now, there are more than 600 just on Stubhub and eBay (bids seem to be around $250-300).

Here’s a story I heard on the grapevine:

Also, another girlfriend was rewarded tickets through STEP and she decided she didn’t want them.  They won’t let her put them back in.  Not only will they not let her put them back in (or even drop the qty to 1 ticket) but they won’t let her transfer them into anyone else’s name.  Needless to say this is causing some issues, particularly because she’s doing an executive burn (Wed-Sun) and can only manually put them in Will Call after her arrival for whoever she gets to buy the other one.

Situation Normal. All Fucked Up.

We also hear that truck drivers holding vendor passes are being asked to cough up an additional $5000 for “authorization”.

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  6. WHY not let at least a few local stores handle cash only sales, such as the Melthing Pot???? They are reputable and deal cash only…. Come on eliminate some stress for the burners

  7. As we do in the default world, vote with your wallet or pocketbook. Either go to BM, or not. Just quit the fuckin belly-aching. This is life, not some magical faire tale. The sooner some of you/us realize it, the better.

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