WTF? That’s right. What. The. Fuck. We are talking lasers people. Huge freaking lasers. High frequency lasers. What drives them? Random numbers? Mind control? There’s only one way to find out…

“No one knows why…but the effect is pretty much established at this point”. That’s what I’m talking about. The hand of god?

They have nearly raised the money needed to fund their project. Please help kick in the last $10 or $20 for this amazing project.

The BM2012 HFL RNG experiment will measure the impact of MINDs on MATTER by showing deviations from the mean output of random number generators.  We’ll also use a huge freakin’ laser to show deviations from the mean. The laser will shift more to green when the numbers shift away from the mean, and more to red when the numbers remain around the mean. 

This is a collaboration led by Cassi Vieten and Dean Radin at IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences), the non-profit frontier science outfit featured in Dan Brown’s last novel, The Lost Symbol. Tam Hunt, at UC Santa Barbara and Aramis Productions is a co-lead. Arno DeLorme, also at IONS is assisting greatly. Roger Nelson, with the Global Consciousness Project, is part of our awesome team, as is Claudia Welss with the Global Coherence Initiative. Maurizio Benazzo, organize of the bi-annual Science and Non-Duality (SAND) conference, is also part of our team. Last but not least, David Shearer, PhD board member of Black Rock Solar, is also assisting. 

Our goal is to combine art and science in a fun way that will educate, amuse and lead to rigorous science. 

Many past experiments have shown an impact of mass celebrations on the output of random number generators: http://noosphere.princeton.edu/

Based on this history, we expect the mass revelry at Burning Man, particularly during the burning of the Man and the Temple, to result in deviations from the mean output of the random number generators. RNGs are electronic devices that output a stream of ones and zeros randomly. Over time, the ones and zeros balance out exactly. But not apparently during mass celebrations, for some unknown reason. 

We anticipate a more significant impact on the RNG output from the mass Burning Man celebrations because the people who attend Burning Man are more spiritually attuned and/or attentive to synchronicities than the population at large. Our experiment will test this hypothesis. 

We’re seeking $2,000 in additional funding, to pay for computers, RNGs, lasers, etc., with $500 already pledged by the Global Coherence Initiative. 

The better we do at fundraising the HUGER our freakin’ lasers can be! So help us out. Any funds not used this year will go into a revolving fund for future iterations in future years of the Burn. 

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