Get High with Blue Sky

Non-profit startup Reallocate has launched an IndieGogo campaign to help finance their Burning Man contribution. Their project combines drones, 3-d scanning and printing, robotic manufacturing, and philanthropy. This story has already been

Reallocate founder Dr Mike North. The club foot brace he designed can be made for less than $10

picked up by Fast Company and Wired magazines, and Reallocate has put a call out for UAV pilots on DIYDrones.

Now you can help Reallocate do good by contributing to their Indiegogo project. Rewards for different funding levels include a miniature 3d statue of yourself, and if you donate enough, they will fly it to your camp in a hexacopter.

The Experience 

Imagine that you are in Black Rock desert close to Center Camp. You step into a brightly decorated space surrounded by ancient statues. You are ushered into a shipping container that has been converted into a high-tech innovation lab. You and your fashionable friend strike a pose which is captured with 3D software and converted into a 3D model. You are given a GPS transponder and specific instructions for your mission. On the way out you catch a lecture on “Scientific Exploration” and watch some aerial 3D footage of flying over Burning Man projected in a 3D imax dome.

After you leave, your image scan is 3D printed into a miniature statue and loaded into a capsule on a multi-copter. The copter navigates to your GPS location.

When your GPS transponder goes off, you look up as the multi-copter hovers above you. It gently lowers a padded capsule with your statue of you inside. You unwrap a 3D medallion of yourself.

Your only responsibility is to return the transponder and tell us your story for our documentary.


Reallocate is located as part of camp IDEATE at 6:30 and Rod’s Road. Come and check out the amazing stuff they’re doing, and please give whatever you can spare to help this vision become a reality.

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  5. Is this going to happen? they have only raised 3,500 out of 20,000…… also It looked like you have to donate $ in order to be apart of this project….. 100$ to have a sculpture and 200 to have it air delivered……??? While this is a rad idea and sick pilot, does it make sense to make people pay money for something at the burn?? Just wondering…. cauz a 3D sculpture of yourself on the playa would be amazing!

    • you’ve exposed a broader point – which is that most camps are using Kickstarter or Indiegogo to sell things at Burning Man, in one way or another. Whether it’s a ride on an art car, fresh bakery items delivered by monks, or a 3d image of yourself – it’s all OK as long as no money actually changes hands on the Playa. But let’s just forget the idea that there’s no commerce at Burning Man. That’s no longer workable. There are 11 kinds of officially sanctioned commerce, before you even get to off-Playa fundraising activities like these.

    • it’s definitely going to happen. I saw their containers being prepped at a Treasure Island build party this weekend. They have drone experts flying in from around the world, one guy is bringing a dodecacopter which should be capable of deploying the payload. So far they’ve raised almost $4000 out of their $15,000 goal via Indiegogo, but people have been donating directly to Reallocate as well. The more they raise, the more they will be able to gift on the Playa

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