At Burning Man, a ‘Fantastical’ Twelve-Course Meal Will Be Served Aboard This Scorpion Art Car — Grub Street San Francisco

GrubStreet reports on this amazing dinner to reward French Quarter volunteers:

This year on the playa, volunteers who have helped construct the elaborate camp known as Black Rock French Quarter will be treated to an elaborate, twelve-course gourmet feast that will be served aboard a huge mechanical scorpion. The chef is Chris Prince (of the underground series Lazy Bear), and while he won’t reveal his menu just yet, he says he’ll be playing with the theme of fire, because it’s Burning Man, “starting out with kindling, sparks, and , working your way up to fire and smoke,” perhaps with spicy red braised pork belly and a smoky gazpacho, he suggests, and “then ending with embers and ash.”

The scorpion art car will be mounted aboard a truck and the 40 or so diners will be escorted on and seated at tables with elegant dinnerware. It’s a thank-you for all the hard work that goes in to constructing the elaborate camp, and organizer Candi Achenbach is leading the charge. How elaborate the actual cooking will be remains to be seen, as stoves and electricity are not going to be reliable luxuries.

As KQED reports, the two-year-old, New Orleans-themed camp will become a virtual neighborhood again throughout the week, including a cocktail lounge, supper club, bakery, coffee roaster, gumbo cookery, beer brewery, and wine cellar. But wait, no strip club?

via At Burning Man, a ‘Fantastical’ Twelve-Course Meal Will Be Served Aboard This Scorpion Art Car — Grub Street San Francisco.

…I’ve just heard first hand from the e-Madame that you don’t need to be worried about the strippers. There will definitely be burlesque dancing at the French Quarter, particularly on Friday night at the Whore party.

Hello cats and kittens, 

It’s that time again. I am gathering my whores together from far and wide to celebrate our brazen wench ness. To flagrantly falander where no trollop has trodden before. To cat call and caterwaul all afternoon while appeasing our chosen Johns and dotingly drinking our Johnnys, Jamesons, and Jims.

We will gather at the Black Rock French Quarter at the head of the 7:30 key hole at Alyssum. 

If you are not currently familiar with the French Quarter the please check out some of the offerings we are bringing to the playa.

This whore harmonium will culminate in a burlesque show and then electro swing dance party provided I am able to get the sound system transported. More on that later.

Please wear classic whore regalia: corsets, bloomers, striped stockings, french fishnets, bustles, parasols, lace, bottons, plooms, hair pieces, flounce, trounce, and bring extra sass for the sailors.

Bring Johns if you like but please make sure they are in appropriate attire as well. Top hats deconstructed suits bowlers, pin stripes. Dandy gear from any old school new Orleans style era. 

Johns if you have been invited you are expected to bring two whores. You will be welcomed with one but she better be damn good whore you’re willing to share. 

I know you have what it takes to be a high class whore I the Black Rock French Quarter. Please invite or drag along any ladies you feel will do this event justice or just downright blow it out of the water or whiskey as it were.

BYOWhiskey and scotch! I will have gifts for the ladies. 

With love and meow

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