Need a Ride? Need an RV? Crowd-fund it with Crowdtilt

Thanks to Burner Marek for sending us these suggestions about Crowdtilt, a new tool you can use at the last minute if you still don’t have a ride or RV sorted out. Best of all, it’s free to Burners.Me readers: just use the special promotion code burningman2012

If you have not yet found a ride out to the Black Rock Desert, or are still scrambling to rack in supplies for your week in the desert, you have less then 72 hours left.  Get on it! 

However, most likely you are not alone. Just a simple search on Craigslist shows hundreds of people still trying to hitch a ride out.

If you are travelling with other people, you have it much better. Renting a RV, minivan, or car will get you there safely, and leave you with a protective shelter. However, most likely you will need to split the cost for transportation, communal supplies, or survival tools like a power generator, which can quickly turn into a total pain. 

If you are worried about how to quickly get the money for an RV take a look at Crowdtilt, a website that allows you to easily pool money with your friends.

All you need to do is state how much money you need to reach (e.g. the cost to rent a RV for a week) and send it to the people you want to split the cost with. Nobody gets charged until the goal is met, and everybody can see who has paid already. Many people have already done exactly this for their trip. 

Crowdtilt has generously offered to waive their fee for anybody that needs to quickly pool money over the next few days. Just use promo code burningman2012 when starting your campaign.

While not everybody is in need for a RV, you still might need to purchase communal supplies such as food, sunblock, water(!), alcohol, and “other” essentials, so you can easily split the cost. 

And who knows, maybe you can even help out fellow burners by giving them a ride and share the cost for the trip!


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