LA 10’s vs Miss Universes: Distrikt Reigns Supreme

We are slowly making our way back to Default World reality of the San Francisco Bay Area, after 8 days on the Playa. Even after hitting Reno’s newest spa resort, 12 hours of sleep in a real bed and 2 hot shower I’m still feeling pretty shattered: bruised, blistered, burned out, tired and sore. Very much looking forward to some pool time and a massage this afternoon at the Atlantis, followed by some “hair of the dog that bit ya” tonight with the Reno after-party Burner crew at the Grand Sierra.

Despite all the shenanigans of BMOrg during the year, and the frankly ridiculous amount of paperwork, bureaucracy, and surveys we all had to deal with, this turned out to be one of the best Burns ever. There were 15,000 early access passes granted, which meant that once the gates opened, a lot of it was ready to go. The first night was Sunday – in the past, with gates opening at midnight, it has been Monday – but there were so many art cars and theme camps already up and running, that it felt like a Thursday.

Opulent Temple and Root Society were great. Osiris has some good music but I was disappointed not to see their DJ booth lighting up. Robot Heart was a good place to see the sunrise, their music was consistently excellent and a few people commented to me on how powerful their bass felt travelling up their legs from the desert floor.

Overall though, Burners.Me would like to hand the crown for Best Sound Camp At Burning Man to Distrikt, particularly for DJ Kramer’s set on Saturday afternoon.

There were so many beautiful people, you hardly knew where to look. I’d see one girl and think “wow, she’s a 10” – and I mean an LA 10, not a San Francisco 10. Perfect hair, perfect tan, perfect teeth, perfect body, ultra-fashionable outfit. Then I’d notice that her friends were all equally as gorgeous and fabulous. Looking in the other direction, I would see a girl so beautiful that the “10” label didn’t do her justice – we were calling these ones “Miss Universes”. And I must have seen half a dozen of them.

The best thing about this plethora of beautiful people was they all seemed happy, carefree, dancing, having fun – not posing on the dancefloor in Christian Louboutin heels and Prada handbag with a haughty “don’t speak to me unless you’re a Russian billionaire” attitude, as you see with many girls in London, New York, Paris and Los Angeles. Everybody was there to dance, and the music and vibe were so good, nobody wanted to leave.

The bar at Distrikt was packed, and of course, free. I grew up in the “Land Down Under”, where one of the skills you learn is how to navigate quickly to the front of the bar, when the queue is packed 3 deep or more. Those skills weren’t necessary – as I’m waiting in line, a lovely young lady dancing on the bar leans over and hands me a beer. You didn’t even have to make it all the way to the bar to get your free drinks, although that didn’t stop some of my friends hanging out there for 8 hours or more.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, someone looking official in a police hat and Distrikt t-shirt comes over to the art car. I thought he was going to ask us to move or something – instead he was just gifitng 6 cases of free beer to us.

Other camps had good music, good sound, beautiful people. If there were other major sound camps offering free drinks next to the dance floors, I didn’t notice. Distrikt had the best of EVERYTHING. It’s hard to get much better than that. The time I had partying at Distrikt last Saturday, was better than anything I’ve been to in Ibiza, Miami, St Tropez, Byron Bay, or anywhere else with scantily clad girls partying outside in the sunshine. Distrikt rocks – can’t wait for next year!

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  3. Wow, you really are the worst. Every blog about Burning Man says you are AND you really are! Don’t let all the fame go to your head.

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  7. Maybe I don’t go to places like Distrikt (as much as I love DJ Kramer) because I feel I would ruin your “Perfect 10” gawking contest. I prefer the back streets where there are all types. I personally like imperfect and unique folks of all kinds. Hey readers: Don’t fret!!! Burning Man is a place where all types are appreciated, not just the perfect 10s perfectly costumed. You just don’t get as many people writing about us or taking photos of us.

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  11. Distrikt what happend to lee burridge ? We want Jim back! Kramer! You are damn cool stay where you are but please get brit bastrds on decks! Pete tong ?

      • No winner necessary. Everyone WINS in our book. We all try to bring something uniquely our own which represents “us” in personality and intent. We’re humbled & flattered that our Aussie friend gave us such high praise. But Robot Heart, Opulent, Root Society, everyone…brings their A-game which in turn inspires us to bring our own. All we ask are smiles and joy in return. Mission accomplished with the ever growing challenge of how to get even bigger smiles next year. =) DISTRIKT Govs Team

      • Thanks Piper, and great point: we are really splitting hairs picking a “winner” amongst such amazing crews who ALL most definitely bring their A-Game. All of them create and GIFT incredible experiences to us on the Playa, thanks to everybody who put their hard work in, sound camps, theme camps, art projects, art cars, volunteers – it takes a city to make a city. Miles and miles of smiles! 🙂
        I guess what I really meant was that of all the incredible experiences I had at Burning Man 2012, the absolute highlight was Distrikt on Saturday afternoon (by no means the only time I went). It stood out as one of the best crowds I’ve ever partied with, anywhere, glamorous and beautiful but smiling, dancing, loving it, not one person seemed pretentious or had a bad attitude. And the drinks were free! LOL

    • Thanks for the constructive (and borderline racist) criticism. They have strip clubs at Burning Man too. “Art” can include music and costumes too – that’s why they have Oscars for those. I definitely appreciated all the art at Distrikt.

  12. I usually thoroughly enjoy your commentaries, but I find this blog a bit disturbing because it makes you seem very shallow. I do understand the feelings of being in awe of the amazing, natural, physical beauty that can be seen at Burning Man, but why only make a big deal of the super-funded women that have private showers and full wardrobes trucked in (cuz that’s what it takes to be an “LA” beauty or a Ms Universe on the playa, or “perfect”, as you put it). If anything, expressing all of my opinions here, when I saw these unnatural, “perfect” creatures, I felt no draw toward them, only a little twinge of sadness at how they might be missing the whole point, being so focused on their outside appearance. It’s a lot more difficult to wake up in your tent, just slap on your undies, bundle the hair and still be considered “beautiful” by Default world standards. But out on the playa, I actually saw many of these people. AND, in the Default world, not one of these naturally beautiful people probably care what brand of shoes you’re wearing. Just sayin’. Hang in there.

    • I take your point. And there was much, much more to this years burn that I enjoyed. That I would also rate a “10”. I might write about that too – right now, I’m still trying to get home from Burning Man!

      Lock me up if it’s a crime to enjoy dancing with beautiful women to great music. Distrikt is one of the worlds hotspots for the international glamour set; not everyone at Burning Man is part of that, or identifies with that crowd. Sure, some of them might be shallow; but you’d be amazed at the depth to some of the people on that dance floor. Whereas at a lot of those other places in the world, the people are euro-trashy douche pigs.

      Most celebrities I have met have been very nice people, kind, articulate, successful, many of them even humble. They’re out there on the playa, but probably in full costume disguises, and probably not at Distrikt.

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