10 Ways That Burning Man Could Be Better

Burner Brad Templeton has offered some interesting ideas on ways Burning Man could be better, including:

  • Why is the city a circle?
  • Why even have a center camp?
  • Why not become a permanent city?

Great questions, and we think it would make Burning Man more interesting to mix things up a bit.

The unfortunate thing about Burning Man, is it’s a city created by its participants, but it’s an organization run by 30-year veterans who are handing control over to a non-profit and looking for someone to manage the whole shebang so they can retire. They’re busy appealing in court, fighting appeals by others, initiating law suits, and schmoozing politicians and cozying up to the 1%. None of which are particularly conducive to innovative, radical change.

So the chances of them experimenting with any of these ideas is nil. Which is a shame – because one of the great things about a temporary city that leaves no trace, is it opens the way for all kinds of experiments on communal living. Without such experiments, human evolution will be dictated by the organization systems we inherit from our predecessors.

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