7 comments on “Hi Res Satellite Photo

  1. Reblogged this on Tasmanian Sky and commented:
    Woot woot! Somewhere out there, outside of L, and just before 8:30, is our Camp Help But Notice human mandala. Motivating 30 drunk burners, especially on Friday is a bit of chore but it is strangely fulfilling. Sally, the resolution is too lee to actually *see or mandala 😦


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  3. This is indeed lower res than was available as far back as 2007, so I would hope there’s a higher res image out there somewhere, seeing as technology has advanced 5 years since then. In that image, you could pick out the outline of even a single small tent, although not sure if you could make out any individual people. If anyone knows where to get a higher-res version, please share!


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