More Photo Galleries and Videos

We’ve got some more videos and links to Burning Man 2012 Photo Collections for you.

ePlaya is discussing “top asshat of 2012″…I can think of a few.

There’s also a great collection of videos and “overheard on the Playa” stories at Elephant Journal.

The Burn in one minute:

…or, if you have a little more time, here’s an hour and 20 minutes of “Playa Cast” video from  BMIR.

Some people have expressed surprise that Burning Man was being streamed live on the Internet – unwarranted surveillance, perhaps? Burner Sarah says:

From what I understand there were a few cameras, the one at center camp being the most powerful in turns of zoom and viewer control. As a viewer you could jump from camera to camera and give them commands on where to turn.

My email list is blowing up with a bunch of people freaking out about what’s online and what isn’t.

Live streaming has been going on since 2008, but for the first time this year, home viewers could control the cameras and zoom in. If you don’t know where the cameras are, you probably don’t know what you might have been doing on camera, who you might have been seen with, and who might have seen you. This seems significantly more intrusive than smart phones and GoPros.

Fire Tornadoes created by the Burn:

Anubis Burn:

Photo Montage set to the Crystal Method:

110 photos of art cars from the Collectors Museum

50 Photos from Reuters (Yahoo News)


35 Photos from Phoenix Artists

46 Photos in Orange County Weekly

And here’s some more links, as seen in the Jack Rabbit Speaks :

Photo Gallery from The Atlantic:

The Atlantic also highlighted some of the best Craigslist Missed Connections.

The Guardian UK Photo Gallery:

Watching the Burn: photo by Galen Oakes

Photo Gallery from the Sacramento Bee:

Telegraph UK Photo Gallery:

Crowd-sourced Burner photogasm! All Instagram photos tagged “burningman2012”:

This shot of the Temple by Trey Ratcliff could wel be this year’s winner:

A striking Flickr set from Christopher Michel:

Great gallery from Nick Bilton, currently making rounds on the social networks:

Beautiful Women of the Playa (done right, finally!):

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