MOOP Map: How Did Your Camp Do?

The MOOP Map results are in – for Day one, anyway – and it seems like so far, the whole city did very well at Leaving No Trace. Congratulations Black Rock City!

Day Two results are now in – not looking so good for some camps. Don’t ask me why they are releasing the data in this fashion.

MOOP Map Legend:

Today’s MOOP score: Totally SLOW.

GREEN: GO! GO! GO! The Line Sweep moves quickly because it’s clean. Minimal time and effort spent in this location.
YELLOW: Caution! The Line Sweep moves at a stop-and-go pace. Moderate time and effort spent in this location.
RED: Full stop. The Line Sweepers are on their hands and knees. A ton of MOOP. Extensive time and effort in this location.

Well, I can’t say this was a proud day for BRC — but let’s all give a big round of THANK YOUs to the Restoration team, who mooped up a thick yellow streak stretching across practically half of the city between E and F. We love ya, home team!

Today, let’s hear from those of you whose camps scored a GREEN! What was your MOOP prevention strategy? Did you moop daily or in one fell swoop? What made it more fun and less work?

For those of you who lived in the yellow zone: It happens. We still love ya, and obviously you’re not alone. Next year, go get that GREEN.


4 comments on “MOOP Map: How Did Your Camp Do?

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  2. Looking forward to seeing 7:20 & Hyacinth on the both sides of the road. DEAR Camp, & its Annex. We were next door to Dilated Peoples, and I would guess that they were squeaky clean GREEN too!

  3. This is only the results from day 1, the outer three blocks. It will be a few more days before we can say how well the whole city did.

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