S.O.S. Help Dancetronauts

The Dancetronauts arrived on the Burning Man Spaceship scene with a major splash. Dancetrohotties in synchronized space suits. A scissor lift converted to VIP space shuttle, that showed the Burning Man logo while erect. Towing a DJ booth and sound system combination. They got pride of placement on the Esplanade, and then left the Esplanade in search of rave madness out there on the loud noise friendly Playa.

The Dancetronauts were founded by Philip Plastina in 2005 when they first reached the Playa at Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada. That year Philip decided to sell his construction business and dedicate his time to continually improving the ship. In 2009 he met up with the Shady Warehouse Crew from Los Angeles, the Dancetronauts took off and became a huge hit.

From there, Philip’s productions have grown larger and more imaginative. The Dancetronauts continue to build, whether they’re working with different construction materials, DJ’s, or Dancetrohotties. One Dancetrohottie, Lexie, has been on this adventure withPhilip for the last year and her LED costumes are amazing and OH so sexy, to say the least! Don’t miss the Dancetrohotties on the Dancetronauts’ Stage at this year’s X-Fest!

Philip is the staple DJ for the Dancetronauts along with Modesto’s own Brian Williams, plus TravNasty from San Francisco. The Dancetronauts and their 30+ crew have been attending different events besides Burning Man, from San Francisco to Las Vegas, showing people how the Dancetronauts party.

This year we camped near the Dancetronauts, and they were the nicest neighbors you could imagine. Not sure if you could say the same for my crew! Every member of Dancetronauts I’ve ever spoken to has seemed like a truly good human being. Humble, gracious, friendly, awesome…beautiful all around. And in a space suit, I’m sure that helps.

Anyway, now the Dancetronauts need our help. Come on Burners, our friends are in trouble, it’s time to dig up some loose change from our pockets and support this amazing crew, who bring the love year round to many events off the Playa as well as Burning Man. Most recently you may have seen them at the Superhero Street Fair (here’s a mix), or the Santa Cruz Decompression.

It’s not easy to bring an art car and major sound system to the Playa, let alone sharing it at dozens of public events throughout the year. And they don’t just share their art car and sound system – they put on a proper show, with beautiful men and women dancing, DJ’s loving it, LED lights going mad. To me, Dancetronauts have nailed everything an art car should be about.

You can tell how nice these people are, in that they need $18,000 to fix their mechanical problems, and yet they are only seeking $11,000 from the Kickstarter and Burner community. I mean, really – contrast this with many other art projects and fund raisers that are less sincere. People are raising $1.1 million in 5 days on Kickstarter from vaporware. The Dancetronauts are authentic. Here’s their plea for assistance from their fans:

Dancetronauts art car aka The ‘Strip Ship’ after numerous trips to Burning Man, Burning Man regional’s, other theme camp fundraisers, Las Vegas, Los Angeles Decompression etc. FOR FREE, we build our art and put on a show, for you ALL to enjoy for the past 4 years. Solely for our extremely non-profit pleasure. That’s right, it COSTS US MONEY, to put on shows for you and everyone else to enjoy, hopefully for FREE! Please help us get back on the road and to the next event to LIVE LOVE LAUGH and DANCE with you! Help our art project and message continue to be seen, shared and heard with the world. 

Our engine has completely blown and we need to find and have a new one re-built. It’s a huge project and giant step back for us, we need help raising $$$ to get this art car back on the scene. Any help or forwarding of this is greatly appreciated!



The Playa has finally taken its toll on the Strip Ship. Her dust mask only did so much. The scratched & worn down Cylinders leak so bad they won’t let the pistons fire. This rare engine from a Brazilian mfg plant is a one of a kind that can only be rebuilt. There are no known replacements for it. Therefore the entire engine has to be removed and get shipped to Los Angeles to be rebuilt by hand by the only place specialized to do the job on the west coast. The estimated cost for this is $18,000. The Dancetronauts need help!

Sincerely, Capt. PhilthyPhil.

The Dancetronauts have brought me many smiles and many hours of joy. Promoting them on this blog is the least I can do. I will be donating money to help them too. Please assist with whatever you can, I’ve never seen or heard them ask the community for anything before. They just give – what Burning Man is supposed to be all about.


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  3. I bet you could covert it to a 454 or a common diesel engine for WAY less… and if it blows again… it would be easier to fix.

  4. Burners!!!! these are your neighbors. Help these very nice young people continue to bring their great vibe to the people via their impressive art car/mobile disco.They are integral to the local Bay Area and Playa spontaneous dance mob scene. Plus they have great attitudes. Real contributors.
    They also saved the ass of the Burn Wall Street build this year at BM2012. When, due to mismanagement, the BWS build was not going to be done or even safe. The
    Dancetronaut crew uncomplainingly worked long hours, in brutal conditions. In conjunction with DPW special projects division. So that the BWS would be done before the 1st day of the event. Yay, Dancetronauts!

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