Does MOOP Matter?

Well, it seems like it doesn’t matter too much to the Bureau of Land Management. They have postponed their inspection of the Burning Man site for 2 weeks due to a scheduling conflict.

Hello out there MOOP maniacs! Just a brief post to let you know that, due to a scheduling conflict, the Bureau of Land Management has postponed Burning Man’s site inspection (originally scheduled for today). It has been rescheduled for two weeks from now, on October 17.

The DPW Playa Restoration team has nonetheless finished their job and cleared the playing field, and the Black Rock Desert has been successfully restored to a pristine and featureless (and MOOP-free) state.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more results from how the Restoration season played out, and it will be my honor to share with you the results of the BLM inspection as soon as it happens. Barring any inclement weather or other force majeure, that ought to be two weeks from now.

Thanks for staying tuned! We’ll be serving up more MOOP Map results shortly.


If a whole bunch of MOOP shows up on the Playa in the next 2 weeks, Burning Man can point to their MOOP maps as a sign of how we left it. And it appears that there were some traces. It also appears that certain “special” areas of Burning Man, especially around First Camp, don’t get inspected.


6 comments on “Does MOOP Matter?

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  2. First Camp (and vicinity) doesn’t get inspected? Do you have some source for this rumor? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

    Yes, the Day 6 Moop Map on the BMORG blog shows it still all white around center camp. That’s why that blog post noted that it is “the penultimate installment” of the MOOP maps; the ultimate installment will show the results for center camp.

    Maybe Larry leaves a big pile of crap in First Camp, I dunno. He could have DPW clean it up (they’re his slaves), but you’re saying he tells the DPW “it’s cool, don’t bother with my MOOP, I’ve got a sweet deal with the BLM where I hook them up with some of the extra tickets I skim off the lottery and the BLM ignores the pile of trash where I camped”. I’m not paranoid/crazy enough for that scenario to make any sense.

    Please tell me you’ve got something more substantial than the white space on the Day 6 Playa Restoration map to claim this. BLM Inspection =/= DPW Playa Restoration. There’s no reason for BLM inspectors to know or care where First Camp was. They sample the whole playa.

    • nope, nothing more substantial than just seeing all that white there every time a map comes out. And wondering why the hell we have to go through this special process with maps from a particular day coming out at unpredictable times, weeks after the event. Everyone just wants to know if their camp did OK. It’s more than a month since Burning Man now, surely by now someone could give camps a MOOP score. It shouldn’t be this hard, and if it is, somebody needs to re-think the system. Stretching this process out when the BLM doesn’t even bother inspecting it once we’ve cleaned up, just seems like yet another silly BMOrg idea to dick the community around.
      I look forward to at last seeing the final MOOP map, so we can all know how the inner camps did.

      • I agree with you that taking a month to post the finalized MOOP map is pretty lame; I’d rather see the whole map as soon as Playa Restoration is done.

        Having the BLM inspection postponed is probably a good thing for Burning Man. I wonder how much work Playa Restoration does on the inner/deep playa (they never show that on the MOOP maps), and if it’s even possible to clean up all the ash from the big burns. Walk around downwind of the Man the day after the burn, and it’s a mess of little bits of ash that disintegrate when you pick them up. Wait a month, or 6 weeks after the event and there’s plenty of time for wind to blow the ashes off the playa or bury them under more dust.

  3. everyone thinks DPW does a fantastic job cleaning up after the festival because that’s what the borg tells everyone. if you go out to the various BM sites you still find a lot of moop out there, including rebar stuck in the ground. no one uses those areas for recreation anymore – too hazardous.

    the only thing that anyone cares about is making sure next year happens. so they clean it up enough for that.

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