Gangnam Style – Dancetronauts at LA Decompression

The crazy Korean star Psy’s dancing “Gangnam Style” has swept the globe; so cheesy it’s sort of cool. Like, half a billion views on YouTube in 3 months cool. Which certainly puts “let’s have a Kiki at Burning Man” to shame. Why should Burners miss out on all the Gangnam fun? Here’s some video of the Dancetrohotties getting down to a remix of it at the LA Decompression. Please support Dancetronauts in their quest to repair their spaceship.


4 comments on “Gangnam Style – Dancetronauts at LA Decompression

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  2. No self respecting DJ would ever play a Gangnam Style remix. The dancetronauts played it last weekend at SD Decom too. I threw up in my mouth, not just a little, a full barf. It was like hearing a Macarena remix. But what do you expect from a DJ who took us on a musical tour of 2008-2011. I hadn’t heard such old music being played at a burner event in a long time. Dancetronauts – great looking stage, great sound, but horrible DJ’s.

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