Move Your Body to the Beat

The most popular post we’ve written, by far, was the Music of Burning Man 2012. So I think it’s safe to say, Burners like music.It can be a long way from Deep Playa without an art car, so why not take your tunes with you?


This year we got some great mileage on the Playa out of the JammyPack – a musical bum bag. We like this device on the beach, or even just for walking the streets.

This weekend I was shopping for headphones, and came across this great backpack from Skullcandy and Camelbak – with integrated stereo. Speakers and controls in the straps. Everything you need, in a single, Playa-camouflaged item. Unfortunately it seems like they don’t make them any more, but you might be able to track down an old one.

Any other Burners got tips for attaching music to your bike or person?

Camelbak Hellion SC


4 comments on “Move Your Body to the Beat

  1. True Mark, and sometimes silence is golden. But then again sometimes i strap on my jammy pack no ear phones needed and rock away. one of my favorite playa moments this year was a daytime bike ride to the man and temple with 3 other buddies all on bikes and i was blasting some jimi hendrix and we had a blast. Plus i lose everything and it helps keep it all together.

    • people who go to Burning Man because they enjoy silence amuse me more than any other type of Burner. I mean, it’s a giant rave in one spot of a giant desert. There are more than 4000 generators, there are 300 planes at the frikking airport. Shit is blowing up, the wind is howling, oh yeah and there’s 60,000 people there. Go somewhere else and let us turn the music up! Zion National Park in Utah would be one suggestion. Or, 5 miles further along the Playa.
      Good point Butch about how the Jammypack helps keep your crew together, especially in dust storms. Beats whistles.

  2. I agree with Mark. Headphones are good for when you want to zone out and do your own thing or avoid talking to other people 😛 Burning Man has so much to offer why would you need earphones. With amazing music, art & great people everywhere theres more than enough to keep you entertained.

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