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Time to Burn! Smart phones are on the Playa, Giant iPhones, Giant Facebook LIke Thumbs Up – a symbol of the Caesars, when Christians, slaves, political dissidents were thrown to the lions for sport, bread (a type of which they synthesized LSD from) and circuses.  Is Burning Man just one big circus? #discuss . Or, discus. Or, dis cuss. Whatever, man.

Well, we had the Trojan Horse, we had Anubis, we had the Bummer Hummer and the Giant Volkswagen. We had Bank of unAmerica and Chaos Manhattan and Goldman Sucks. Ah, the irony. But I digress. Smart phones at Burning Man are here to stay, so we might as well embrace and enjoy. Welcome to our new social media age!

Certainly, Time to Burn offers a lot of very useful features. And so does Burner Map.

TTime To Burn has some improvements, now incorporating live updating from Rockstar Librarian‘s music guide. Hat’s off to them, the Google guys might have co-opted Burning Man’s logo back in the day, but they never gifted an app like this to the community.

time toburn

What’s New in Version 2013.3

*All the 2013 events, camps, and artwork data.

*Search results can now be favorited, or added to your calendar all at once (Use the ‘Action’ button, next to the search icon, when viewing search results)

*Time Warp options added in Area 51! Return certain aspects of the app to the original/install state. Remember that altering the time line can have grave consequences and NEVER sleep with your grandparents.

*The “Add A Pin” function on the BRC map now tries to use your GPS location to add the pin for you.

*Rockstar Librarian has added several new categories of music to help you find your groove on the playa: Bass, Trap, Funk, Future, Electronic, and Pop.

5 comments on “Get Yer Apps Here!

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  2. Any chance of porting this app to BlackBerry 10? I know it’s too late for this year, but if it’s Android 4.2.2, we can port.

  3. T Groan I agree, this is retard bull shit. The best part of the playa was getting away from it all and having to interact with your fellow man. It brought us back from the age of knowing all about everyone and knowing no one really. It was my favorite part so people had to interact like they did in the glory days before cell phones, where you relied on people saying I’ll meet you at duck pond at this time instead of sorry i’m texting you hope you get it to cancel. Instead of people spending there whole night finding friends they made new ones. This sucks big time.

  4. Cellphones and Apps? The so-called ‘other/outside reality’ has penetrated deep into the heart of Burning Man effectively killing it of any non-mainstream pretensions.

    I don’t believe this had to happen but that would have required an adherence to principals and not the almighty dollar. That would have taken strength and I suspect those in the Bmorg are more interested in money, fame, and power.

    Incidentally all information being sent or received by cell phones/tablets/etc. on the playa will be collected by the NSA. How’s that fit in the vaunted Burning ethos?

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