Burning Man 2013 Stop-motion from Peter Ruprecht

coyote pete

photo by Peter Ruprecht; nteractive giant musical sculpture by Brian Tedrick, Glen Ellen, Sonoma CA

Peter strikes again, with this awesome video. You saw it first from Burners.Me…we guarantee you there’s even bigger and better goodness coming from this source in the very near future

[Update 9/20/13 from Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY; listen to this 5-star rated by this blog soundtrack from Bob Moses, Burn night at Robot Heart, while watching the video, if you like to remix the perspective ]

I’ve just been privileged enough to see the entire fresh from the camera footage, all 15,000 photos of it woven into one syncopated mix of seemingly perfect beats… in the artist’s home in New York. OK, so I’m biased, but this is just a taste of what’s coming soon. Right now the alchemy is being woven with the help of many cycles of the latest quad-core processors, and meticulous painstaking frame-by-frame work by a Master craftsman. You’re in for a treat Burners. All I can say is wow – I felt like I was transported back there, all the good bits and no dust! I will admit that I shed more than one tear. This is some moving stuff. More than anything I’ve seen yet, this footage felt like my burn.

photo by Peter Ruprecht

photo by Peter Ruprecht

Fear not Burners…there’s more. Much more. It’s all  in there, including our amazing burn on top of BalanceVille courtesy of reVitalize and our gracious hosts; and the epicness that was SHIFT Camp, shout out to Christian and Spider and Dream and the extended Overkill and Merkaba and LuCent doSsieR Experience family. Come and support Ruprecht Studios , [freespace] Reallocate and ekoVillages this weekend as we  exhibit the fruits of our labors at the 2013 World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Sciences in Flushing Meadows, next to the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium.

coyote pete sunset

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