Burning Man Changing the World, One Pizza Shop at a Time

Burning Man has had a profound effect on the life of one Dallas-based pizza provider, and if he succeeds in his vision, it will change the lives of his customers too. The Dallas Observer reports:

Recently we reported that after 50 years in business in Dallas, Pizza by Marco had to change its name to My Family’s Pizza due to a trademark infringement. Frank Nuccio, son of the original owner, explained that his father never trademarked the name and instead of spending a lot of money on a lawsuit, he decided just to get new signage.

nice Merkaba!

nice Merkaba!

Frank’s changes won’t stop there, however. The younger Nuccio has had an aberration of sorts recently about the path our industrial food system has taken. Like many others, he’s questioning what’s in our food and how it affects our health, specifically GMOs, sweeteners and chemicals in our water.

“The menu will be the same, but changes are on the way,” explains Frank. “The dough will use water only from a reverse osmosis system being installed this month. I’m removing all toxins such as chlorine and fluoride from all the water used in the restaurant.”

Frank has also discontinued the sell of all products with aspartame, including sodas. He recently switched his entire line at the Preston and Royal location to a Dublin Bottling Works line made with pure cane sugar.

How did all this come about? Burning Man.

“I’ve learned a lot in the last three years and with my new found knowledge cannot stand still and allow known poisons in the food of my customers,” says Frank.

Frank just recently returned from Burning Man in Nevada, where once a year, thousands gather in the Black Rock Desert to create a self-contained city that departs a week later, leaving not a trace behind. Frank explains it has fueled a passion to question things we’re told are safe.

“People spend hours, days and weeks researching a house to buy,” says Frank. “Why not do the same for what goes into our bodies and our kids too?”

Frank is now working on an organic menu that will be “free of any and all GMOs,” which is no easy task, but there certainly seems to be a growing contingent of consumers looking for a cleaner more sustainable diet. And surely a lot of those people like pizza too.

Let’s hope Frank shows up at future burns and pay it forward, with GMO-free organic pizza for all! The Burning Man blog thinks Burning Man is changing the world through domination of the media, but I’m not convinced that this particular kind of change benefits the world, it seems like more of a benefit to the Burning Man  owners. I actually think more localized change, from the grassroots, is the potential. Burners everywhere being inspired to bring kindness and goodness and art and flavor to their immediate surroundings – that’s the thing that can change the world. Not, more mainstream media coverage and continued ticket price hikes. Gift me that organic pizza!


5 comments on “Burning Man Changing the World, One Pizza Shop at a Time

  1. caveman, are you a research biologist or an internet troll? youre linking some bullshit quack garbage. I’ll trust the scientists. Just like with GMOs and the other scare tactic supplement extremist industry chicken little nonsense.

    • At least Caveman provided a link offering some substantiation.

      You meanwhile provided nothing but an ad hominem attack.

      My guess is we’ll see more & more corporate ass kissing as corporate flunkies continue to flow into BM. The end result of which will be an intolerance of anybody criticizing corporate crimes.

  2. Pizza guy has good intentions but the new pizzas won’t be healthier. Pizza is inherently loaded with fat, cholesterol, salt and calories. Unless maybe its vegan, and cheeseless pizza isn’t pizza. Meat and cheese cause heart disease. Sugar rots teeth and leads to being fat. Aspartame does not. I’ll stick to cheap costco pizzas.

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