SECRET: For Aus-Eyes Only

dingo-puppies-playingDon’t read this if you’re in the US of A. Not unless you’re down with Crocodile Hunters and the Land Down Under.

My Australian friends first went to Burning Man in 1997. They proudly flew an Australian flag. This year my fucken prawn camp was over-run with dingoes. At least 3000 Australians attended Burning Man this year, maybe even more. And Burning Seed is coming up soon. Doof doof doof. Ken Oathcarn.

In other words, as the title predicted, this post won’t mean much to you unless you’re Australian. Like AMERICA’S CUP CHAMPION JIMMY SPITHILL. Karnt.


If you’re Australian you probably are with me at this point. If you don’t get it, well you’ll never bloody know if you never bloody go. LOL.

Here’s Australia at it’s finest. An inspiration to all of us, we’re all Aussies if our hearts beat in time with this guy and his family.



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